eleven-x Joins CENGN as its Newest Partner

Published: May 2nd, 2017

Ottawa, Canada Monday May 1, 2017 – eleven-x™, Canada’s first and only Low Power Wide Area Network employing LoRa® Technology, is pleased to announce that it has joined Canada’s CENGN (Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networking) as the consortium’s newest Partner.

The partnership between the two companies will utilize CENGN’s lab infrastructure and SDN/ NFV engineering expertise, along with eleven-x’s long-range wide area network technology to provide small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with the opportunity to test and validate their Internet of Things (IoT) innovations in a real environment.

Providing a carrier-grade network that is purpose-built for applications focused on IoT, eleven-x utilizes LoRaWANTM protocol to offer low cost connectivity and data communications for Enterprise IoT, Industrial IoT and Smart City initiatives.

Featuring low power consumption, extended battery life of up to 20 years and long range capabilities, the eleven-x network facilitates real return on investment. With a wide variety of uses such as Asset Tracking, Lighting Control (streets and buildings), Water Flow Monitoring and Metering, Health Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring and Soil Moisture and Nutrient Monitoring, the ability for all types of organizations across Canada to become more efficient while reducing costs is possible now.

CENGN’s goal is to strengthen Canada’s leadership in global ICT and next generation networking. By partnering with eleven-x, CENGN will be able to leverage eleven-x’s technology to enable SMEs to test their products and services in the CENGN environment, and accelerate their time to market. This will catalyze the growth of SMEs, and the ICT sector as a whole.

“We’re extremely excited to join the CENGN team and truly look forward to engaging with them and other member organizations to fully realize the promise of IoT with our next-generation network for the Canadian marketplace.” said Dan Mathers, Chairman and Co-Founder of eleven-x.

“CENGN is constantly looking for ways to facilitate Canadian SMEs’ ability to demonstrate their innovations,” says CENGN President and CEO, Ritch Dusome. “With the help of partners like eleven-x and the addition of their LoRaWAN Technology, CENGN will be able to provide better support to SMEs hoping to push their products to market on a global scale.”

“It’s because of these types of partnerships with CENGN that Canada can now aggressively move forward, taking advantage of the benefits of IoT. Private and Public sector organizations can immediately reduce costs and discover new revenue opportunities.”  Said Ryan Hickey, CEO and Co-Founder of eleven-x.

“We’re all looking forward to the influx of projects that will be an outcome of eleven-x’s partnership and contributions to the CENGN Smart Infrastructure,” says Richard Waterhouse, VP marketing and Business Development. “It will be interesting to see which companies will be first to take advantage of the addition of this technology and how their success will shape our world today and in the future.”

About eleven-x

eleven-x is a network operator enabling the Internet of Things. Our purpose-built low power wide area network is the first of its kind in Canada, providing connectivity for a wide variety of sensors and applications. Our network enables customers in the private and public sectors to efficiently and cost effectively manage assets, create connected cities, and realize environmental sustainability. For more information go to www.eleven-x.com.

About CENGN – Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks

Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN), an NCE (Networks of Centres of Excellence) funded CECR (Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research), is a consortium of industry, academic and research leaders dedicated to accelerating the commercialization of next generation communications solutions. CENGN’s internationally recognized testing centre employs interoperability between multiple software and hardware products, providing a unique environment to commercialize advanced products, applications and services. Our fully operational data centre is running a production OpenStack environment with multiple connections to a real-world WAN including a dark fibre connection that enables connectivity speeds of more than 100Gbps. CENGN services include; Proof of Concept (PoC) validation and hosting, interoperability/performance/ certification testing, technical training (SDN, NFV, IPv6, ODL), OpenStack, Innovation for Hire and Commercialization Acceleration.

CENGN members include: CiscoEXFORibbon CommunicationsFujitsuInvest OttawaJuniperNokiaRogersTELUSVIAVIWind River, and Zayo Canada.

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CENGN, Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, drives technology innovation and industry growth through our testbed, technical expertise, talent development, and partner ecosystem. Through our projects, CENGN enables small and medium Canadian Enterprises to test and validate promising technologies, removing barriers to product commercialization and accelerating market growth.

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