Engineering / Technical Expertise


At CENGN, we work to create proof-of-concepts that test and validate innovations through project collaborations. We are always on the hunt for Canadian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with new project ideas that we can help push to market. CENGN will provide you with a secure environment, technical expertise and step-by-step project management.

POC/Demo Building

A validation project could be the missing step in pushing your product to market. We provide Infrastructure Services for you to test your product or innovation within a secure environment on an isolated network. This test takes the form of a CENGN project and can entail a demonstration, validation, or proof-of-concept (PoC). Our project space gives your organization remote access to a customized testbed to validate your projects on a higher level. In other words, you’ll receive the resources you need to break through into the competitive ICT market.

We integrate the appropriate internal and external networks for a complete, end-to-end validation project. Our CENGN project space allows you to test both your software and hardware using our cloud infrastructure. Depending on the nature of the project, CENGN’s infrastructure provides cloud tenancy, hardware hosting, and bare metal services. Here are a few scenarios of what a project with CENGN could entail:

Project Scenario 1: a virtual space in the CENGN cloud runs a combination of SME and CENGN software.

Project Scenario 2: a virtual space in the CENGN cloud connects to SME hardware (switch, router, gateway, etc.).

Project Scenario 3: CENGN’s bare metal servers and virtual cloud space are both leveraged by SME hardware and software testing.

Once started, your project will be supported by CENGN’s management team, but you will remain in control. All SMEs have remote access to their project environment through passwordless SSH (secure shell) authentication, and can have public keys provided to those who need access through remote desktop protocol (RDP).

Technical Project Management

CENGN proof-of-concepts are paired with our experienced and technical project managers. Our project managers are experts in ensuring your project runs successfully from start to finish according to your company’s goals. The typical CENGN project follows a four-step process, taking an average of 11 weeks to complete.


When defining your project, we will help you create a project charter and sign an affiliate member agreement. Once this phase is complete, we’ll have defined the overall project objectives, success criteria, and scope, as well as formalized your company’s relationship with CENGN.


Using the requirements defined in the project charter, we then create a detailed project plan and project test plan. The project plan is a detailed action plan including milestones and a timeline, while the project test plan provides documentation of the tests that are required to verify successful completion of the project.


This is when the rubber hits the road. You can now test, integrate and validate your project, with or without CENGN’s technical assistance. Your project results are then captured in a test/demo results report for your records.


As the project reaches completion, you are provided with a final retrospective meeting and two weeks of additional time before graduating your project from our project space. Our CENGN team then works with you to create a collaborative project report and success story. The success story is then posted on the CENGN website and promoted by our marketing team to CENGN’s members, partners, and public outreach.

Cloud & Networking Expertise

We have over 100 years of combined service provider and networking experience in the areas of cloud infrastructure, IP networking, virtual private networks (VPNs), mobile networks, broadband networks, and data centre networking.

Our members and partners include service providers, network equipment vendors, network test system vendors and security auditors. CENGN’s members and partners are on the lookout for what’s next in traditional and non-traditional networking and cloud services, routers, switches, gateway systems, mobile networking, network testing, security, and other network technology.

With our combined services, expertise, and experience, CENGN has the technology and the team to push your innovations and products to market across Canada and the global. Showcase your solution in a CENGN project by clicking the “Submit a Project” button below!

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