CENGN Hosts StarlingX Mirror Website in Collaboration with Wind River

Published: November 13th, 2018

It is a pleasure of ours to team up with our long-time member, Wind River, for the creation of a public repository for StarlingX cloud infrastructure software. This public repository, or mirror website, has been launched today providing a public platform hosting StarlingX resources for the open source community. The community can now leverage expensive resources that would be needed to adopt or contribute to the StarlingX project.

StarlingX is an open source project hosted by the OpenStack Foundation, with code contributions from Wind River’s Titanium Cloud. The project provides cloud infrastructure that focuses on easy deployment, low touch manageability, rapid response to events and fast recovery. StarlingX is used by the most demanding applications in industrial IoT, telecom, video delivery and other ultra-low latency use cases. The project also provides a complete edge cloud software stack comprising of many open source components.

To learn more about StarlingX, click here to visit their website.

CENGN’s mission is to help accelerate the growth of the Canadian information and communications technology (ICT) sector, overcoming the complexities around commercialization, enabling economic strength, prosperity, as well as increasing innovation and competitiveness within our community. As a company, we have collaborated with Wind River in the creation of the StarlingX mirror website to provide our community a credible source to see live updates of StarlingX, and moreover, provide a secure and reliable source for the community to download the project’s ISO image and gain access to the upstream components. CENGN is uniquely suited for the task of hosting open source projects as an independent and expert champion of open source technology.

For this project, CENGN is providing highly trained staff as well as equipment resources. We know that the StarlingX mirror site will alleviate significant challenges to adopting the project and create an experience that is much easier to consume for the open source community.

The partnership created for the development of this mirror website is yet another example of how CENGN works with many multinational companies to further strengthen technology as well as our community. By pairing up with our member, Wind River, CENGN is making the consumption of open source projects easier, reducing risk and driving adoption for all contributors. CENGN is very excited to see the success of StarlingX through the mirror website. You can check out the website using this link: https://mirror.starlingx.cengn.ca/mirror/.

CENGN is constantly working on projects that involve open source technology. In fact, we have our next open source meetup taking place the evening of November 26th, which is the night prior to our CENGN Summit. We’ll be learning from two speakers on the topics of quantum security and OpenDayLight. For more information on the event, visit our meetup page by clicking here!

To read the full press release on how CENGN and Wind River are collaborating on the StarlingX project click the links below:

[cherry_button text=”Wind River and CENGN Assist Open Source Developers in Accelerating StarlingX” url=”https://www.windriver.com/news/press/pr.html?ID=21675″ style=”default” centered=”yes” fluid_position=”right” icon_position=”top” color=”#000000″ min_width=”80″ target=”_self”] [/cherry_button]

[cherry_button text=”Starling X and Wind River” url=”https://www.windriver.com/announces/starlingx-and-wind-river/?utm_source=PR&utm_campaign=Telco-Open-2018″ style=”default” centered=”yes” fluid_position=”right” icon_position=”top” color=”#000000″ min_width=”80″ target=”_self”]https://www.businesswire.com [/cherry_button]

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