Seven More Professionals are Officially CCSS Certified!

CENGN has re-branded CENGN Academy’s flagship program, Cloud Administration and Networking Certification, to the CENGN Cloud System Specialist (CCSS) certification.  We are thrilled to award seven motivated students with the new and improved certification. After weeks of training and studying hard through the CENGN Networking Bootcamp, each student now has tangible proof of their dedication, skill, and knowledge in cloud networking.

With traditional IT evolving rapidly, and with cloud computing and next generation networks on the rise, learning how to adapt to the ever-changing tech industry is critical. Through the self-driven learning experience of the Cloud Networking Bootcamp, participants receive an in depth look at where the industry is headed and learn the fundamentals of networking and development environments through practical exercises.

Watch the video below to hear exactly what the our most recent boot camp graduates and Peter Heath, Senior Manager of Training Programs, have to say about the CCSS program:

Why We are Excited for the Program

The certification covers many useful theoretical concepts and hands-on skills for operating in a cloud-based environment including, Linux Fundamentals, Container Orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes, Networking Fundamentals, and Cloud Computing using OpenStack. To complete the program, candidates must undergo the Cloud Networking Bootcamp, which prepares them to take and pass the CCSS exam.

The CCSS certificate is a powerful recognition of knowledge and hands on experience required to make it through the Cloud Networking Bootcamp. The accomplishment is a powerful marker for students and professionals looking to solidify their expertise in today’s networking technology, making them stand out to employers and be viewed as a more capable and competitive asset for any team. Each certification represents proof that the holder understands the core concepts of the cloud and have done extensive research and work with it during their time with CENGN.

Last semester’s CENGN Academy training session held at our HQ!

From Early Begins, to Ready for Public

The CCSS certification began as a training bootcamp exclusive to CENGN employees. Now, for the first time ever, we are opening training to non CENGN employees, so that everyone has the chance to experience this interactive and knowledge-packed training session!

When discussing with our members and partners, there was a consensus that the onboarding process for entry level and recent grads in networking has a major cost in time and resources.  Ramping someone up on the technology and tools being used in today’s top ICT companies can take months and be a drain on already productive employees.  This certification aims to bridge the gap between academic learning and work-ready professionals. A solution we know our members are eager for!

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One of our many training session taking place at the CENGN HQ.

CENGN Academy Continues to Grow

The CCSS program is just one of several courses being offered through CENGN Academy! We work hard to pinpoint the areas that are most important and relevant for Canadian networking professionals looking to grow their career. It is our hope to reach the point that ICT workers from all levels and niche expertise can find a course to sharpen their skills.

CENGN is in a unique position to offer the best training in the ICT sector. Our members and partners make up the majority of service providers and vendors in research and development in the sector, representing over $4 billion of R&D in the Canadian economy. Currently, we are working networking giants Cisco, Juniper Networks, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and many others to teach the most current and in-demand technologies.

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Building a Stronger Tech Community in Canada

CENGN offers a wide variety of training to the tech community to help contribute to building a knowledgeable team of capable individuals so that Canada’s network talent pool can continue to grow stronger. This helps solidify the ICT community’s global competitiveness by keeping employees up to date on one of the most fast-paced, growing industries in the world. Through building a capable workforce, economic strength and prosperity will continue to thrive, helping to establish Canada as a global tech leader, which is competitive and open for business.

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