Wishing the Best of Luck to our Fall 2018 Students

Published: December 21st, 2018

As CENGN closes the office for the Holidays, the semester comes to an end for our Fall 2018 Students.

In September, the CENGN team welcomed eight of Canada’s most tech-savvy students from Carleton UniversityUniversity of OttawaUniversity of Victoria, and Willis College.  After an intense boot camp training program, each student went straight to work and played key roles in CENGN’s EngineeringProject ManagementMarketingFinance and Human Resources Departments.

Each team worked on a variety of projects throughout the four months and were exposed to what goes on behind the scenes in the information and communication technology industry, ultimately making a large impact on CENGN and its success.

Some words from our students:

“The past four months at CENGN was nothing short of amazing, being able to learn and work on cloud technologies such as OpenStack and Kubernetes from the best in the industry. Having an incredible mentor to guide and help me develop new skills, as well as improve my existing skills that will carry on in the future. I am very grateful to get the opportunity to continue my journey with CENGN for the upcoming semester” – Dennis Matic, Infrastructure Engineering Student

“As a marketing student at CENGN, I was provided an amazing opportunity to develop my professional career. I not only received hands-on experience, but I was given much more responsibility then the average intern would receive within a contract. From creating collateral, organizing events, to writing social media posts and blogs, the CENGN marketing team always remained busy. With my work term coming to a close and my work task coming to an end, this will conclude my final blog for CENGN. Looking forward, I plan to finish my degree at the University of Ottawa and later utilize my professional experience at CENGN to pursue a career in communications and marketing”Kendal Fyke, Marketing Specialist Student

“CENGN provides all of its students with an opportunity to learn and develop their skills in various areas. My experience at CENGN allowed me to work with HR, Marketing, and Finance, as well as learn a bit about the technologies that we work with. I am very grateful for everything my manager and this company have done for me over the last 4 months” – Kyra Anne Buchanan, Human Resources Student

It was an amazing experience working for CENGN! I learned a great deal about next generation networking technologies and I was among wonderful people. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the open source infrastructure tool Terraform, which was a key part of the work I completed during my co-op term” – Maaike Gooderham, Infrastructure Engineering Student

“While being a part of the finance team, I was given the opportunity to gain more knowledge and skills in finance and accounting. I was able to apply what I have learned so far in school to my everyday tasks. I look forward to applying these skills and experiences in the future.” Rosemary Ashlie, Finance Student

“Working at CENGN this term has been nothing short of a fantastic work experience. If you’re interested in Next-Gen Networking, this is the place for you!” – Ryan Davis, Project Manager Student

All in all, CENGN is extremely proud of the student program they provide and the impact each student leaves on the organization. We wish them the very best as they head back to school and can’t wait to see them succeed in their future careers!

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