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CENGN is always looking for Canada’s most innovative students!

Every year we bring in approximately 40 of Canada’s most tech-savvy students in the fields of project management, marketing and engineering.

Be part of ensuring that Canada is a global leader in the commercialization of next generation technologies. CENGN is the place to gather real world experience, make an impact, and geek out on cutting-edge technology. CENGN strives to grow a talent pool that is second to none, we are always looking for Canada’s best co-ops, interns and talent.

Work on Leading Technologies on our Unique Multi-Vendor Platform

CENGN is an independent and internationally recognized testing center employing interoperability between software, hardware and a multitude of products from many different vendors. Our unique multivendor physical and virtualized lab enables companies to test and validate the new and emerging software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies, applications and services before moving them to production.


How to Apply

Please forward your resume to the following CENGN email:

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Student Spotlight

Our Engineering students undergo intense and targeted SDN training. They are exposed to cutting edge OpenStack development including Puppet and Mirantis. They also learn best practices in the DevOps methodology. To view more student videos and blogs, Click Here!

Published on June 28, 2017
Position: Student Computer Network Specialist
Semester: Summer 2017

“I have been given an opportunity to build a next-generation network, from the ground up, that will be the base for developing and testing so many leading-edge technologies from really cool companies across Canada – it’s really exciting!”

– Ochuko, Junior Software Engineer (Former Engineering COOP Student)

“As an undergraduate student with little experience in networking, my first few weeks at CENGN have been largely exciting. CENGN’s student training has felt both challenging and rewarding, while also allowing myself to explore and preview material I have not seen in school yet. The work environment is youthful and positive. All in all, I’m excited to continue my CO-OP term at CENGN!”

– Arthur, Engineering COOP Student

“Our training course gave me a huge chunk of knowledge on SND/NFV, it was also really helpful that I could see what other people had done in their previous projects. Everyone here is incredibly welcoming and helpful, even if they’re busy they find time to help me with any problem areas or answer my inquires. I love how connected we are as a team. CENGN promotes the best work environment balance between work and fun; I’ve truly become friends with my coworkers.”

– Ren, Engineering COOP Student


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