CENGN is always looking for Canada’s brightest minds to be a part of our student program! Every year, we bring in approximately 40 students from across the country in the fields of project management, networking, computer science, engineering, marketing, finance and human resources. By hiring and mentoring students, we are readying them to make an impact on the tech ecosystem, giving them real world experience and teaching them about cutting-edge networking technology that will shape the future of the sector. Training students is a central part of CENGN’s mission, as we seek to develop Canada’s talent pool of ICT professionals and ensure that our country is a global leader in next generation networking technologies.

The Student of the Year Award is given to a student who went above and beyond during their placement at CENGN and we believe will continue to contribute to the ICT community. This year’s recipient is Kyler Manseau, who was a Cloud Infrastructure Engineering Student at CENGN. During his internships, he worked with Kubernetes and used Python to communicate with Cisco’s Redfish API, ensuring gathering information from CENGN’s new servers could be done smoothly. He is currently finishing his studies as a student in Carleton University and Algonquin College‘s joint Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Technology) program. His drive to learn more about leading edge network technology, and his passion for teaching others makes him the ideal recipient for the CENGN Student Award.

Kyler stopped by CENGN HQ to accept his award and was recently recognized at CENGN Summit. Check out the video below to learn more about Kyler’s projects, and the “CENGN Student of the Year Award.”

CENGN Student of the Year Award 2019

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