Welcome Fall 2021 Students!

A few weeks ago, CENGN welcomed four new students and three returning students to our team for the Fall 2021 work term! These students will be working throughout our Engineering, Human Resources, and Marketing departments for the next four months to develop their skills, build their professional careers, and contribute to CENGN’s mission.

Who Are The Fall 2021 Students?

Student Orientation

The work term kicked off with a full orientation where the students learned the ropes of what CENGN is all about and met with the different departments for details on company objectives for the next four months. Through staff introductions, a virtual lunch hour social, and an introduction from the CEO himself, JC Fahmy, the group was armed with info to start their work term strong!

CCSS Certified Engineering Students

As our marketing and human resource students began collaborating with their departments, our technical engineering students started their CENGN Cloud System Specialist (CCSS) certification, which they are now finishing up. This certification is offered for free to our technical students through CENGN Academy. The course provides them with a thorough understanding of the key theoretical concepts and hands-on skills needed to work effectively on cloud-based infrastructure. In the course, students learn common cloud infrastructure practices such as:

By the end of the course, students have the chance to use their hands-on learning to earn the CCSS certification through taking an exam. This certification signifies that the intern has the skills and knowledge necessary to work on cutting-edge network infrastructure, including the CENGN Testbed.

Starting The Work Term Strong

CENGN’s student internship program is a high priority for us. Our new team of students will bring a fresh perspective full of creativity, passion, and innovation to CENGN while having the opportunity to lay the foundation for their professional careers.

 “I am excited to apply my academic knowledge into practical skills to help the Canadian technology industry,” said Rick Yang, Solutions Engineering Student.

Our students’ work throughout their term is impactful and directly contributes to CENGN’s mission of advancing technology innovation for all Canadians. With their contributions towards supporting our commercialization projects, growing the capabilities of our platform, and facilitating the growth of CENGN’s brand, students are a vital part of our organization.

Not to mention, students with technical knowledge in cloud computing are in high demand for industry leaders. As companies continue to digitize their businesses, the cloud computing market continues to grow. In fact, cloud technology is estimated to over double in value by 2025, showing just how valuable technical students are for the industry (Source: Cloud Computing Market).

Are you interested in completing a student internship with CENGN? Apply by clicking the button below!

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Sasha Moonilal is a Content Writer Marketing student at CENGN (Fall 2021) and a Communications student at the University of Ottawa. Her passions lie in creating compelling content and collaborating with other highly driven and creative people. In her spare time, Sasha enjoys dancing, cooking and reading.

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