Welcome Winter 2022 Students!

Let’s give a warm welcome to CENGN’s newest batch of student interns!

Last week, CENGN was lucky to welcome our new student interns for the Winter 2022 semester. These students will be contributing to our Engineering, Human Resources and Marketing departments. We are incredibly excited to support our students’ professional growth and learn alongside them during the next 4 months.

CENGN Is Proud to Welcome Our Winter 2022 Student Interns:

Student Orientation

CENGN welcomed this semester’s students with an organized orientation during which team members from every department gave an overview of their roles within the company. During this orientation, CENGN CEO JC Fahmy took the time to introduce students to the company and our mission. A social hour at lunch served as a break and allowed students to mingle with each other and established staff.

Like many co-op placements, CENGN has fully adapted their orientation and workplace to a virtual environment. Fortunately, our staff is familiar with navigating the unique challenges of remote work and offered a fun, fruitful kick-off to our students’ journeys.

Susan Osherov, our HR Specialist student, had a positive onboarding experience, saying: “The onboarding process was very smooth. It gave me the opportunity to meet staff from different departments at CENGN and learn about what they do. I also had the opportunity to meet the other coop students.”

CCSS Engineering Certification

While our Marketing and HR students have already delved into their regular work tasks, our engineering students have been hard at work completing their CCSS certifications, offered through CENGN Academy. This course allows them to expand their knowledge on the fundamentals of cloud computing and receive a hands-on experience that validates their understanding.

Cloud computing represents the future of technology in every industry. The training offered through CENGN Academy allows our engineering students to make a notable impact on the company’s success. It also gives them a leg up when it comes to meeting the industry’s latest demands.

Learn more about our CENGN Academy course offerings here!

At the end of bootcamp, our engineering students will be presented with a certificate of completion to celebrate their accomplishments, which they can use to promote their skill set to future employers.

We’re excited to play our part in training the next generation of technological innovators!

CENGN’s Student Internship Program

Our internship program aims to help shape the next generation of professionals in Canada’s ICT industry. Working with students aligns with our mission to support and cultivate technological innovation in Canada.

Interested in applying to CENGN’s student intern program?

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About the Author

Charline Osborne is a Content Writer Marketing Student at CENGN (Winter 2022). She is an English major at the University of Ottawa, focusing on professional writing and professional editing. Charline believes in the importance of clear, accessible writing, which she puts into practice through her experience as a content writer and student writing mentor.

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