Staying Active with the CENGN Fitness Challenge

July 29, 2020

Maintaining the Office Wellbeing

As we approach the 5-month mark since CENGN closed its office due to COVID-19, it becomes apparent the physical and mental challenges that arise while working from home. Lack of social interactions, physical activity, and mental stimulation can lead to loss of motivation and may affect both the personal and professional lives of our employees. To maintain the mental wellbeing and physical health of employees, CENGN launched a series of org-wide activities and challenges to help stay connected from home and re-establish the amusing social culture we had in the office.

These organizational activities have brought us the opportunity to share some laughs and get to know everyone a little better by sharing glimpses of our personal lives. Back in April, CENGN employees honed their cooking skills competing in the CENGN Cooking Challenge! We saw an incredibly wide variety of delicious dishes and recipes that we could all try at home.

The “At Home” Fitness Challenge

Now, employees are putting on their running shoes in preparation for the next installment in the CENGN challenge series that aims to promote health and fitness while working from home. CENGN’s fitness challenge encourages employees to embark on an active lifestyle, share their favourite activities, and motivate others to join the ride!

“I always felt that there is a close connection between our mental health, physical health, and staying connected as a team.  When the pandemic hit, I felt we all needed a boost to get active and check in with each other. I thought the idea of a fitness challenge would be a fun way to bring us together and help everyone be mindful of the importance of staying healthy and active by doing activities we love.” – Nicole Collett, Human Resources Specialist

To keep things spicy, CENGN employees are also competing for top scores in exercises such as push-ups, planks, and sit-ups.

We are incredibly proud of the engagement from everyone at CENGN. Our employees have risen to the challenge and gone above and beyond to stay active in creative ways.

Check out Nicole, working on her cardio:

Even our CENGN interns like myself are staying active! Here I am competing for the most push-ups:

How about a handstand walk? Our Content Marketing Lead, Richard Galazzo is leading the category with 23.5 ft!

Plenty more of the CENGN family are staying active by biking, kayaking, running, lifting weights, and more!

Keeping Positive and Providing Support

As COVID-19 continues to linger, our goal is to establish a positive and active workplace together. We recognize the challenging times and we are confident the CENGN family will remain strong. Supported and engaged employees mean positive outcomes for everybody.

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About the Author

Jose Badillo is the HR Specialist student at CENGN (Summer 2020) and a Commerce student at Carleton University concentrating in Management. His passion is collaborating with people and leading high performing teams with authentic leadership. In his spare time, Jose enjoys playing sports and creating Hockey media content.

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