Hybrid Wireless Technology with a Non-Ground Penetrating Tower to Service Multiple Lakeside Communities

CENGN residential broadband blueprints are made available to the public. Each blueprint showcases a broadband deployment barrier and the tech solution to overcome internet connectivity across Canada.

Problem: Introduce a wireless access network from two new towers in a community dispersed throughout a main village, a long winding road, and several very remote hamlets, all within a rocky and heavily forested landscape.

Tech Solution: The solution utilized the following to reduce network costs and accelerate deployment timeframes

  • A novel non-ground-breaking tower to avoid expensive tower foundation excavation in bedrock.
  • Solar-electric power to completely power a tower site off the grid, averting delays and difficulties in electrical installation from a utility’s power grid.
  • Multiple wireless technologies to overcome terrain topology, tree cover, line of sight, and sub-scriber distance conditions and constraints.

This blueprint is intended as an information resource for any stakeholder or individuals interested in or looking to undertake the delivery of rural residential high-speed internet, including:

  • Community professionals and constituencies that work in municipal administration, business development, planning, public works, IT, and local residential high-speed Internet advocacy organizations.
  • Service providers interested in delivering residential high-speed Internet to rural communities.
  • Innovation and funding organizations aiming to accelerate or scale high-speed Internet related innovation, introduction, and return on investment (ROI).
  • Those interested in researching innovative Residential Broadband solutions.

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