Network Transport

Network transport encompasses the movement of data along fibres. Over the past decade there has been a migration in optical transport networks from synchronous optical networking (SONET) technology to wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) architectures. This transition has provided network transportation with multiple wavelengths over a single fibre, allowing for an enormous growth in network capacity. This has made modern networks increase in complexity, requiring the building, provisioning, operating, and maintenance of many operational support systems. CENGN has an open call to Canadian SMEs that are interested in validating their network transport related solutions on a multi-vendor network infrastructure.

Project Scenarios in Network Transport 

  • Improving software-defined networking for optical transport networks.
  • Validating end-to-end optical transport network solutions.

The CENGN Advantage

Our multi-vendor metro network is designed to validate your organization’s optical network transport solutions. Also, CENGN’s members and partners could be interested in partnering with your company on your solutions.  Showcasing your solution with a CENGN proof-of-concept project is an easy way to introduce your innovations to multinational companies, with the potential of pushing your product to the global market. CENGN also has a 2X100G metro WAN link which spans from CENGN (Kanata) to CANARIE’s Point-of-Presence (downtown Ottawa). Interested SMEs can leverage this metro wavelength service to validate their network transport solutions.


Network Transport Solution AreasAreas of Advancements in Network Transport
Software-defined networking (SDN) for optical transport networks

Network providers require a transport layer that is scalable and controllable to benefit from transport SDN.

Rapid innovation in SDN for optical transport networks fosters increased operational efficiency.

End-to-end optical transport network (OTN) solutions

OTN, also known as digital wrapper technology, is a protocol that provides an efficient way to allow different traffic types to be carried over a single optical transport unit frame.

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