StreamScan, formerly Efficient Protection Inc., was founded to address the major problems facing enterprises of all sizes, protecting intellectual property, customer data theft and the major disruption of critical services due to cyber-attacks.

The company was formed by a team of PhDs and cyber security experts to develop a suite of products to optimally protect data, networks and circumvent intrusions, data breaches plus other security threats.

Our Compromise Detection System (CDS) a leading edge data breach detection solution is the result of over five years of intense research and development with the goal of revolutionizing the cyber security industry.
StreamScan is one of the first companies to use the behavior analysis of network flows for malware detection.

Our tool is the only bilingual data breach detection solution on the market and we offer support and consulting services in both English and French.
StreamScan has developed close ties with some of the best universities to collaborate on research and development programs funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC Engage) teamed with these institutions.