Board of Directors Update

Published: October 23rd, 2018

It has been a month since our Annual General Meeting and we have been undergoing some changes from our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are an extremely important part of CENGN, representing the organization’s vision and safe guarding its purpose. Recently, CENGN has seen some transitions on the Board, welcoming new board members and saying goodbye to others.

Stephanie Ratza, Vice Chair
Tom Astle, Chair

CENGN would like to welcome our newest addition, Tom Astle, who will be taking a seat as CENGN’s new Chair Director. Tom Astle has worked in the Capital Markets and Technology sectors for over 30 years. Tom will be a great addition to CENGN’s Board as he carries a lot of experience not only within business but has sat on several boards of technology and media companies that range from early stage start-ups to publicly listed ones. Prior to this, he has over 20 years of experience as a top ranked Wall Street and Bay Street equity analyst, covering some of the largest technology companies for some of the largest investment banks in the world.

CENGN would also like to congratulate Stephanie Ratza, an Independent Director, for taking on the Vice Chair role. Stephanie brings more than 20 years of finance experience with both public and private technology companies. Through her experience, she has demonstrated the ability to streamline financial operations and leverage technology to drive growth, increase visibility and efficiency and ultimately bottom-line performance. We have no doubt that Stephanie will continue to make a difference on CENGN’s Board of Directors, taking on her new position of Vice Chair.

Lastly, CENGN would like to extend a large thank you to Mike Scott, former Chairman, for his significant contributions and hard work over the years. Mike has been a key player for the organization, as he has been with us since the inception of CENGN. Mike is an independent consultant with a variety of experience covering areas such as academia and the optical telecommunications industry. He has held senior executive positions, Chief Technology Officer and President, embodying CENGN’s goal of pairing business and technology to advance the Canadian Networking Industry. Mike has been Chair of CENGN since the organization’s creation and was an integral part in solidifying funding through the Federal government’s Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) CECR Program. This funding has allowed CENGN to be where we are today, helping the Canadian ICT community. Though Mike Scott has now stepped down from his position as Chair of the Board, he will be remaining on the Board as an Independent Director and will continue providing his great insight and leadership to the company.

Mike Scott, former Chairman

CENGN is looking forward to the years ahead, continuing our mission to increase Canada’s leadership in the global ICT industry and advance Canada’s next generation of networking.

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