CENGN Participates in the OPNFV’s Project Milestone at Plugfest!

Published: May 8th, 2017

Last week, from April 24 – April 28th, CENGN attended the OPNFV Plugfest, hosted by The Linux Foundation in Chatillon, France!

The OPNFV Plugfest was a four-day event that was held for both members and non-members of the open source organization. Taking place in France, the event was hosted by OPNFV’s member company, Orange. The event focused on the interoperability of the OPNFV platform in three key areas of testing: Deployment, Network Integration, and VNF applications. As the third annual OPNFV Plugfest, the event represented a milestone for OPNFV project users, who came together to improve the platform through rigorous compatibility testing.

We were eager to participate in OPNFV’s Plugfest by applying our NFV, SDN and testing center knowledge to collaborate on solving system issues and make the OPNFV platform even better. Dave Urschatz, Senior Tech Lead and longtime contributor of OPNFV, attended the event as an ambassador of CENGN, giving him a great opportunity to meet with fellow industry leaders, and demonstrate the knowledge and innovation that Canada has to offer!

CENGN has collaborated on several projects with OPNFV in the past, including OPNFV’s Fast Data Stacks Project, and our creation of Canada’s only OPNFV Pharos lab. As an industry partner of OPNFV and a key participant in the organization’s project development, CENGN was super excited to attend Plugfest. CENGN is a centre of excellence dedicated to accelerating the commercialization of information and communications technology in Canada. We loved being able to connect with other industry leaders in expediting network function virtualization, and give more reliable resources to small medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups.

Speaking of staying connected, CENGN is eager to be attending the OPNFV 2017 Summit in Beijing, China, for four days from June 12th– 15th! The Summit will bring together developers, end users, and communities working on open source NFV. We can’t wait to see you there!

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