Counting Down to IoT613 Conference 2018

Published: March 1, 2018

Ottawa’s IoT613 Conference 2018 is fast approaching! This year, CENGN will be a proud sponsor of the event, ready to participate in the conference’s activities and network with Canada’s top leaders in IoT. Hosted at the Canadian Museum of History, the IoT613 conference will attract tech personnel from across the province with its array of world class speakers and workshop sessions. The three-day event will be held from April 18th to the 20th, and will include presentations and sessions from leading industry members on topics such as “Connected Transportation” and “Wearable Technology.” Perhaps most importantly, this conference will provide ample opportunity for its attendees to engage in important discussions, develop ideas, and make valuable connections with other professionals in the IoT sector.

At the last IoT613 conference, CENGN joined crowds of people interested in IoT at the Canadian Museum of Nature. The event had a great turnout, hosting unique workshops and exercises involving topics like smart hotel room design using IoT sensors and data analysis, and IoT project preparation business seminars. We took part in their outstanding speaker lineup, which presented on various topics: Smart Community Through IoT, IoT Privacy & Security, and IoT Platforms. Each of the sessions featured three to four expert speakers who gave their takes on each topic before proceeding to a Q&A period that allowed attendees to engage with the speakers and each other. The event also showcased some of the newest technologies, like Amazon Alexa at their Amazon Alexa Networking Social. Overall, the last IoT613 was a huge success and the 2018 counterpart is looking to be even more so.

IoT613 highlights the quickly evolving and extreme impact IoT technology has on the way we live. This is a phenomenon that CENGN has had direct work with. In fact, several of our projects deal with growing Canadian businesses in the IoT sector. For example, two CENGN project alumni, AP1 and SRC Solution, conducted IoT projects validating technology that could change the way we live through our devices.

In Ap1’s project, they tested their ApBeacon technology, which allows for the fast trafficking of IoT data from nearby devices for analysis in a cloud server, where immediate business opportunities can then be generated for devices within proximity. An application of this technology could be found in shopping malls, where storeowners could send notice of sales and special offers to on-premise patrons based on their recent search history, making for fast, targeted marketing.

To learn more about Ap1’s APBeacon Project, click here!

SRC Solution validated their Pilot Things solution as a way to streamline complex enterprise network connections to increase efficiency and interoperability within a network. This could have a significant impact on the way we control our surroundings; with the implementation of technologies like Pilot Things, one can access and manage multiple devices from the cloud and control the data that is analyzed there — think of being able to manipulate and adjust all the lights in a building using just your phone.

To learn more about SRC Solution’s Pilot Things Validation Project, click here!

The amazing part is, the IoT revolution has just begun, and one can only imagine the innovations that will appear with full-scale IoT implementation. To allow for these IoT devices to function, it is crucial to build innovative and bleeding-edge networks to support them. With the number of devices in circulation around the world growing, the resources required to keep all these devices connected and communicating are on the rise. That’s where research and innovation in the IoT networking sector becomes paramount to the sustainability of the industry. IoT is an area of importance across all technical disciplines, and here at CENGN, we give access to our top-of-the-line infrastructure and services so that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with innovative ideas and solutions can reduce their time-to-market and commercialize their latest technologies. We have allocated much of our time and resources to servicing growing Canadian businesses in all types of networking project areas, including IoT solutions. In fact, IoT has been a major focus for CENGN, having completed projects with even more IoT companies like eleven-X, ABsoft, and SMATS, in focus-areas like LoRaWAN connectivity and street traffic optimization.

CENGN’s opportunity to participate in events like IoT613 is a vital part of our mission to facilitate growth in Canada’s ICT industry. By attending and being a part of IoT613, we are able to stay in tune with the latest IoT trends and topics, giving us a chance to meet new SMEs and learn about the technologies they are dealing with. In turn, our benefit to the IoT industry will expand, leading to the quicker development of the Canadian tech industry in general, helping Canada transition into the next generation of networking.

As promotional partners with IoT613, we’ve got an exclusive offer for those looking to attend what’s sure to be a great event: 10 tickets at 20% off! Be sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity! These tickets can be purchased using promo code: CENGN20

Check out highlights from the last IoT613 event:

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We are eager to take part in IoT613 and hope to see you there!

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