Farewell to CENGN’s Fall 2021 Students

As the fall term comes to an end, it’s time for CENGN to say goodbye to our fall 2021 student interns. Over the past four months, these students have brought fresh ideas, talent, and excellence to each team at CENGN, and we are very proud of the work they’ve done.

The CENGN Fall 2021 Students

Here’s a complete list of our fall 2021 intern students and their roles:

These bright students joined CENGN from several academic institutions across Canada, including the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College, Carleton University, Dalhousie University, University of Waterloo, and the University of Victoria.

The CENGN Student Experience

The students spent the last four months developing their skills, building their professional careers, and contributing to CENGN’s mission. From working on the CENGN Testbed to supporting commercialization services, each student brought tremendous amounts of effort and excellence to their team.

Chatting with the CENGN Fall 2021 Students

Here are what the students had to say about their CENGN work experiences below.

Infrastructure Engineering

The last few months were busy and exciting for the Infrastructure Engineering Team.

The students worked with new tools, took ownership of projects, and improved CENGN’s commercialization infrastructure.

Daanish Khan and Tyson Moyes, Cloud Infrastructure Engineering Students, excelled in their roles.

“Working at CENGN provided me with tools and mentorship that allowed me to grow as a person and as a software engineer. The highlight of my work term was having the opportunity to push projects to production and see the impact of my work,” Daanish said.

Tyson Moyes returned for his second term with CENGN this fall.

“Once again, I had a great time working with the CENGN team. They’re very welcoming and have so much to offer for co-op students. The ability to learn from other team members, as well as contribute meaningfully to the company is a big plus,” Tyson said.

Solutions Engineering

Our Solutions Engineering Student, Rick Yang, joined the Customer Solutions Engineering (CSE) Team. Rick worked closely with the CSE team to support start-up and scale-up CENGN validation projects, provide technical expertise to growing companies, configure cloud environments, and write technical documents.

“At CENGN, I learned practical cloud skills and ways to stay up to date on the latest IT trends. My favourite part of my work term was being in an agile environment where we moved quickly to solve unexpected tasks,” he said.

Training Operations

Over the past few years, CENGN’s professional training program made significant strides by introducing new courses for learners to level up their cloud computing and networking abilities. CENGN Academy provides learners with the most sought-after cloud computing skills in telecom and leaders across the industry. Our courses are designed to help network and cloud beginners and professionals learn new technologies and skillsets that will progress their careers. By upskilling Canada’s network technology workforce, CENGN Academy works to reduce the talent shortage in cloud expertise.

Kaiheng Zhang, our Training and Operations Student, took a leading role in setting up and managing our CENGN Academy courses.

“Working at CENGN was one of my best co-op experiences. I thrived on working with a solution-based approach and enjoyed sharing my ideas with my colleagues. My favourite part of the work term was learning how to set up and manage our CENGN academy courses,” he said.

Building the CENGN Brand

On the business side of CENGN, the marketing team had a busy four months. They created leadership content, continued hosting events coast-to-coast, launched a new website, released the FY2021 Annual Report, and planned/executed their biggest event of the year, CENGN Summit 2021.

Amy Truong returned to the Marketing Team for her second term at CENGN. She flourished as the Video and Design Student.

Amy Truong's CENGN Graphics

“Building an illustrative style for CENGN’s graphics and videos has been a valuable experience for me and one of my favourite things about working here. As a returning student, the two terms I’ve spent at CENGN have brought countless learning opportunities and allowed me to develop my creative skills,” she said. Amy designed and created graphics at CENGN and created a video to showcase CENGN’s impact and services.

Check out Amy’s most recent video on the cloud computing talent gap in Canada and how CENGN Academy is making an impact!

As the Content Writer Marketing Student, I (Sasha Moonilal) wrote thorough blog articles for CENGN’s website, created compelling content for CENGN’s social media accounts, and executed CENGN Summit 2021. I had many responsibilities that directly contributed to the organization’s success, which was extremely rewarding. I’m excited to apply everything I have learned at CENGN in my professional career.

Check out my most recent article about the differences between 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technology and their impact on our world.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Specialist Student, Elizabeth Wingate, was immersed in the HR world and spent her term focusing on student recruiting efforts, onboarding future students, and offboarding current students.

“The highlight of my work term has been the amazing people I’ve gotten to work with and learn from. Everyone was so nice and happy to answer any questions I had. I felt very welcomed to the team,” she said.

Elizabeth worked closely with other departments at CENGN and ensured that the new cohort of students would join CENGN with ease.

Onto The Next Chapter

Over the past four months, our students have made meaningful connections with industry leaders, received support from mentors and managers who passed on valuable experience, and gained professional skills that will help continue the successful progression of their careers.

CENGN’s student program is a critical component of how CENGN builds talent in Canada’s digital workforce, and we’re proud of the driven and bright-minded students we work with each term. We rely on our students to do meaningful work that directly contributes to innovation and growth in Canada but are also passionate about sending our interns off with the experience needed to succeed in Canada’s thriving tech sector.

As we say farewell to this group of CENGN students, we’re excited to welcome our winter cohort of students that are ready to learn new skills, tackle problems, and contribute to Canada’s innovation economy. 

Thinking of becoming a CENGN intern? We’re hiring for Summer 2022 students!

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Sasha Moonilal is a Content Writer Marketing student at CENGN (Fall 2021) and a Communications student at the University of Ottawa. Her passions lie in creating compelling content and collaborating with other highly driven and creative people. In her spare time, Sasha enjoys dancing, cooking and reading.

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