Centech and CENGN Collaboration Event: Accelerated Computing and the Age of AI

Yesterday, CENGN partnered with Centech to host a live conference in Montreal on the hot topic of how to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business through cloud computing. This event consisted of an exclusive workshop hosted by CENGN Academy, a networking session for attendees, and a keynote presentation by NVIDIA that delved into the world of data science and how graphic processing units (GPUs) are enabling new possibilities in AI research.

Machine Learning with Python – Private Workshop

alex edwards at centech event
Alex Edwards, Business Engineer Manager at CENGN, and Richard Chénier, CEO of Centech.

The event kicked off with an exclusive, condensed version of CENGN Academy’s “Machine Learning with Python ” course led by Peter Heath, Senior Manager of Training Programs at CENGN. Machine Learning is a rapidly growing field that has captured the global community’s interest as a major marker of competitive advantage in the marketplace. Machine Learning knowledge and skills are particularly valuable and sought after in the tech industry today, as skilled professionals are needed to implement AI into processes or a solution and to maintain AI-capable infrastructure. The course provided small businesses and product development staff with a “hands-on” approach to the world of Machine Learning. Attendees gained an inside look at the practical skills needed to implement machine learning in their tech solutions using Python.

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GPUs Are Leading the way in Artificial Intelligence

The keynote speaker of the event was Eric Dahan, the Canadian Manager of NVIDIA. NVIDIA is widely known for its pioneering work in the PC gaming market, its redefined modern computer graphics, high-performance computing, and innovative work in artificial intelligence.

Eric Dahan, Canadian Manager of NVIDIA.

Eric’s presentation focused on GPUs and their role in driving the growth of artificial intelligence. GPU computing is the most pervasive, accessible, and energy-efficient path forward for the data science world. Industries have moved away from the use of CPUs (central processing units) to GPUs because they have far more efficient cores designed to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. This makes GPUs more efficient at running a growing number of workloads, a major requirement of AI. There is no end in sight for the advancement of AI. With the application of deep learning, a subfield of machine learning concerned with artificial neural networks, GPUs will take artificial intelligence to a whole new level.

Eric emphasized that as traditional science evolves to utilize AI, we will see rapid developments in every industry. From healthcare to retail to environmental science, AI advances the speed and method we process and understand data. For example, NASA utilized GPUs in combination with AI to create more timely air quality forecasts. This model provides forecasts up to five days in advance, which is an excellent advantage for government agencies that make critical decisions. NASA’s model is just one of many ways AI scientists are leveraging accelerated computing to advance the world we live in.

Eric closed his presentation with a plug for the company’s NVIDIA Inception acceleration platform, a resource for AI, data science and HPC start-ups, providing critical go-to-market support, expertise, and technology. Check it out here!

Driving Canadian Innovation from Coast to Coast

It was a pleasure for CENGN to partner with Centech as we both share a common goal – advancing global technology and driving innovation in Canada through the support of Canadian innovators and partnerships with industry leaders. Centech’s mission is to help deep tech companies with high growth potential through their support programs and innovation lab. Similarly, CENGN strives to drive innovation and growth in the Canadian tech sector through our commercialization services, talent development, and building an ecosystem of tech collaboration.

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It was inspiring to see all the tech innovation happening in Montreal, and we loved the opportunity to connect with the talented individuals in the region. Canadian innovation is happening from coast to coast, and the technology industry is rapidly growing. Innovative companies are the driving force behind technology in Canada, and tech leaders are building a more robust economy for the prosperity of all Canadians.

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