Welcoming our First CENGN Students of the Decade

Welcoming our First CENGN Students of the Decade - CENGN

Back Row Left to Right: Chibuike OnuigweUeli HaltnerBashier Kaddoura, Tolulope Olutade, Kian JonesSravan SajeevRichard Ozara

Front Row Left to Right: Josh Brawdy, Matthew Brady, Anna Maystruk, Jose ZidanEmil SuleymanliTref Boucher

CENGN strengthens Canada’s networking and telecommunications professional talent pool through its student program. As our industry continues to rapidly evolve, it is important to encourage and inspire a group that can learn new relevant skills and be a driver for innovation.

Last week, CENGN welcomed eleven brand new students as well as three returning students! Coming straight from Algonquin CollegeWillis CollegeCarleton UniversityUniversity of OttawaUniversity of VictoriaUniversity of Waterloo, and Dalhousie University, these students were introduced to CENGN through a two-day orientation in which they became familiar with their new co-workers, the office space, the teams that make up CENGN, and the resources they’ll need to succeed.

Before the orientation started Students got to have some fun and learn about each other by participating in a game of two truths and a lie. During the orientation, the students were introduced to a multitude of new co-workers and team leads. People like CENGN CEO, JC Fahmy showed the students the vision and mission of CENGN and our organization’s role in the Canadian Information Communication and Technology Landscape. This term, a returning student, Anna Maystruk, gave a presentation during orientation about our marketing efforts and how we work with our ecosystem of members, partners, and small and medium tech enterprises. The presentation even included a fun trivia game where the students won CENGN swag!

Welcoming our First CENGN Students of the Decade
Welcoming our First CENGN Students of the Decade
Welcoming our First CENGN Students of the Decade - CENGN

The new students are looking forward to gaining valuable and essential work experience as well as being an asset to the CENGN team, helping CENGN in its mission to advance tech innovation in Canada. During their internship each student will have the chance to network with the vast CENGN ecosystem that includes leading multinational industry vendors and service providers. The students will also be working on CENGN’s multi-site commercial grade networking infrastructure, building hands-on experience while delivering better service to Canada’s most innovative start-ups and scale-ups.

Students in Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing are now busy starting their full-time work in their departments. Meanwhile, the students enrolled in Engineering, Project Management, Training, and Customer Solutions  are in the process of completing the CENGN bootcamp. They’re currently enrolled in the CENGN Cloud System Specialist (CCSS) certification through CENGN’s very own CENGN Academy.

CENGN Academy’s CCSS course places a heavy emphasis on the theoretical concepts necessary to work on a cloud-based infrastructure. It also provides realistic and hands on experience to sharpen and refine practical skill. The students will learn about various topics like Linux, Network Fundamentals, and Container Orchestration via Docker and Kubernetes. The training also includes Cloud Computing using Network Functions Virtualization. To start working as technical CENGN employees, they must pass the CCSS exam and earn their certification.

Students will be leaving CENGN with knowledge and skills that weren’t available to them before. The ability to work on the cutting edge of cloud technology is going to be a skill set that will drive the next generations networks. That is why CENGN’s student program seeks to bridge the gap between academia and the workforce, providing students with the experiences and skills required to make real positive impact on today’s cutting edge work environments.

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We’re happy to have new students on board with such great potential! We can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve this term.

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