Welcoming CENGN’s Summer Students (From Home)


May 27, 2020

First Row Left to Right: Adam CoyteMaxim-Emanuelle DuboisJose Rodrigo Badillo ZidanHenriette SimoJosh BrawdyTommy XuSharusshan Sinnadurai

Second Row Left to Right: Jaspal SinghKian JonesSahil RahiMark MckessockVarsh ThakerMatthew TungChibuike Onuigwe

Students not in the picture: David Toth, Bashier KaddouraSravan Sajeev

Earlier this month, CENGN greeted a mix of 12 new students and welcomed back 5 familiar faces. Students from Carleton UniversityUniversity of OttawaAlgonquin CollegeWillis CollegeLambton CollegeDalhousie UniversityUniversity of Victoria, and Seneca College are ready for the CENGN student experience!

This summer, CENGN is fully embracing the cloud to pivot its student program and adapt to current circumstances. Over the next four months, we’ll be providing a complete virtual student experience, equipping interns with all the virtual tools and equipment they need to work remotely and safely from home.

Students attended a completely virtual orientation that was kicked off with an introduction by CENGN CEO, JC Fahmy. Over the following few days, students learned about the various daily functions and departmental operations that carry out CENGN’s vision and mission.

Students were even exposed to the social spirit of CENGN, taking part in an online Jackbox Party game session where they got to share some laughs and get to know each other.

Currently, the HR, Marketing and Finance students are already driving CENGN’s mission, contributing to their teams and learning the ins and outs of making an impact on the company’s objectives.

Meanwhile, through CENGN Academy, the Cloud Infrastructure and Customer Solutions students are further developing their skillset by undergoing their CENGN Cloud System Specialist (CCSS) certification. In a fully remote and self-paced manner, technical students are learning cloud networking theory and taking hands-on labs on CENGN’s commercial-grade infrastructure. The students will expand their knowledge of Linux and Networking Fundamentals, Container Orchestration using Docker and Kubernetes, Cloud Computing, and Network Functions Virtualization.

After two weeks packed with in-depth learning, students will undergo a comprehensive final examination and receive their Cloud System Specialist Certification. This certification proves that the students are worker ready on the latest next-generation network technologies, bridging the gap between their academic learning and today’s most advanced work environments.

Interested in expanding your skills on the latest technologies in advanced networking and the Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector? CENGN Academy is rolling out fully remote and self-paced course offerings. Click below to see if the CCSS program could help you on your career path:DOWNLOAD THE CENGN CLOUD SYSTEM SPECIALIST INFO SHEET

CENGN hosts about 40 student internships each year, from colleges and universities across Canada and is happy to continue its ongoing support and commitment to the program. Interns will leave with hands-on experience in the fields of Network Engineering, Project Management, Marketing, HR, and Finance. Throughout their term, students will contribute to impacting Canada’s tech sector by driving technology innovation and providing support to Canada’s most promising growing tech businesses, all while expanding their professional skills and expertise to speed up their career development.

We are extremely excited to welcome such a great number of talented students and eager to see what they will accomplish during their term.

Interested in an Internship? CENGN is already searching out its Fall student interns.APPLY TO DO AN INTERNSHIP AT CENGN

To see if hiring a CENGN student alumni is right for your organization click here!

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