Welcoming Our First CENGN Students of 2021

CENGN welcomed seven brand new students and two returning students to their team to kick off the new year! HR Specialist Student, Fuhui Ying, Cloud Infrastructure Engineering students, Yu-Yun (Daphne) Chu, Oluchi Johnathon, and Tyson Moyes, Content Writer Marketing Student, Anja Nell, Video and Design Marketing Student, Amy Truong, Solutions Engineering Students, Jiayang Liu and Sahil Rahi, and Training Operations Student, Alois Clerc got settled into their at-home workspaces. Students have come from multiple universities to join the team, including the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College, Willis College, Carleton, and Lambton College.


The students participated in an entirely virtual, two-day orientation program that started with CENGN’s CEO, JC Fahmy, giving them a warm welcome to the environment. JC Fahmy shared CENGN’s vision and mission to show the critical role CENGN plays in driving the technology sector’s growth in Canada. Students also participated in a game of two truths and a lie to get to know their new colleagues over some shared laughs.

The new students went through virtual sessions with each CENGN team to learn what each team does and how they will fit into the picture. The team’s latest additions were eager to gain valuable work experience, learn from their mentors, and help CENGN’s mission to advance tech innovation in Canada.

CENGN’s goal is to transform classroom knowledge into hands-on work experience enabling students to be worker-ready in today’s top tech companies. Throughout the winter term, students will have the opportunity to network with CENGN’s ecosystem and build relationships with individuals from leading multinational industrial companies and Canada’s most innovative start-ups.


Engineering students joining the team have already started their self-paced two-week boot camp that will update them on everything they need to know before working on CENGN’s commercial-grade infrastructure. The boot camp will wrap up with a comprehensive exam to earn the CENGN Cloud System Specialist (CCSS) certification available through CENGN Academy.

The Cloud System Specialist Course is now available through the University of Ottawa’s Professional Developmental Institute.

Interested in learning more about the CCSS course? 

CENGN employees will equip students with extensive knowledge of technologies like Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenStack through this training. After completing this valuable training and working on projects with technical experts in their field, CENGN provides students with a foundation of impressive credentials to enter the job market after placement.

Meanwhile, the HR and Marketing students are beginning to familiarize themselves with the CENGN environment, getting to know team members, and starting on essential tasks. With guidance, the students are settling into their new positions comfortably. CENGN employees are excited to see what the new scholars will bring to the table with an entirely virtual placement awaiting the new group of students.


Students at CENGN are given real and impactful work that contributes directly to the company’s overall success. Whether students are working in the engineering department, building CENGN’s brand, or keeping things running smoothly in HR, their contributions will be essential during the next four months.

Our interns finish their work term as trained networking professionals. To see if hiring CENGN student alumni is right for your organization, click here!

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About the Author

Anja Nell is a Content Marketing Specialist student at CENGN (Winter 2021) and a Commerce student at the University of Ottawa with a concentration in Marketing. Her goal is to write impactful, engaging articles on emerging topics. In her spare time, Anja is a music director for the charity CASCO ran by Ottawa.

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