Sending off our Winter Students!

With the cold winter months coming to a close, it’s time for CENGN to say farewell to our current batch of student interns. We were lucky to have eleven amazing and capable students join our team, coming from a variety of academic partners across Canada including Algonquin College,

Matthew Hastie

Carleton University, Dalhousie University, University of Waterloo, and Willis College.

The interns worked on a variety of different tasks throughout the semester and were all able to gain insightful knowledge and second-to-none experience through hands on tasks both with our members and partners and on our commercial grade infrastructure. CENGN strives to give students an opportunity to experience a real-world office environment, and to give our interns meaningful tasks that contribute to the company’s overall success.

Pratik Kapoor, Project Management Specialist Student!

CENGN sat down and interviewed three students that come from very different departments but have all shared a similar experience with us. Here’s what they had to say:

“CENGN’s unique structure aside, I think the most special thing about everyone at CENGN is that we all believe wholeheartedly in the mission. I think in a large company, it’s easy to just work for the paycheck, but everyone at CENGN is working towards the same goal, and that’s really inspiring” –Matthew Hastie, Human Resources Administration Specialist Student

“This has been my very first experience in Canadian industry. I would like to emphasize that it has been a great first experience. The working atmosphere is very positive and professional, and at the same time, every individual that I have worked with has been very open and supportive throughout my term. Be it any discussion with senior members in my team or any technical support from the Engineering team, I loved the way people listen and help the maximum they could” –Pratik Kapoor, Project Management Specialist Student

“The greatest thing I have learnt here at CENGN is the importance of stretching yourself to think outside of the box. I have learned that in accounting, challenges are often solved by changing your perspective. CENGN makes a great effort to encourage personal and professional growth by giving students opportunities to learn and develop their skills, and it has set me up well for pursuing a career in the accounting industry. My

Alex Pitz, Finance Specialist Student!

accounting knowledge and financial acumen have grown exponentially over the course of my term, and I am much more confident I possess the skills to pursue obtaining my CPA and a career in the field” –Alex Pitz, Finance Specialist Student

Matthew, Pratik, and Alex have learnt a lot from CENGN, but CENGN has also learnt a lot from our students. It’s important to us to continue to give students opportunities at CENGN so that we can continue to learn and grow from the new and innovative ideas that come from having a variety of fresh young people coming from many different backgrounds. We place emphasis on our student program so that we can continue to train Canadians and help elevate them into the work force. This helps to accomplish our overall goal of strengthening Canada’s network talent pool and solidifying the country’s global competitiveness in ICT.

A special thank you to all our incredible students for this semester! We wish you nothing but the best on your future endeavors.

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