Jovan Strika Discusses ElastaLink’s Commercial Growth Path and CENGN Testing their SDN Solution

ElastaLink has completed their SDN project at CENGN. The infrastructure services and technical support provided by the CENGN team allowed ElastaLink to test their solution at scale, validating its ability to perform as traffic flow is increased.

SDN controller solutions have become a crucial part of managing today’s complex and powerful networks, however, SDN controllers are expensive and require dedicated hardware and knowledgeable resources to operate. Currently, ElastaLink offers multiple services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) including Internet, email, phones, managed routing, among others. Now the company plans to bring the advantages of SDN to its SME customers at an acceptable price point. With a multi-tenant SDN offering, SMEs can rent a piece of ElastaLink’s SDN solution to enable enhanced network management services, security, flexibility and cost-effective service evolution, for a fraction of the cost of running their own SDN controller.

ElastaLink is leaving CENGN with verification that their SDN controller can handle the traffic flow of hundreds of thousands of messages per second, which is significantly more than comparable solutions from other vendors.

We caught up with Chief Vision Officer Jovan Strika at ElastaLink’s headquarters – check out what he had to say about the project and how ElastaLink is succeeding in the tech space!

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Stay tuned for ElastaLink’s Success Story!

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