Kryptera Makes Product Development Strides in Recent Project

Published: October 11th, 2018

In spite of protective technology, organizations continue to be hacked, with a growing number of losses and leaks emerging from inside sources. Encryption and backup would seem to be the obvious solution, but a recent IBM/Ponemon survey concluded that only 10% of digital assets are encrypted. This mostly stems from a lack of encryption products on the market that can quickly encrypt and decrypt large files without causing downtime when user is storing a file or retrieving it.

The problem lies with today’s inefficient and complex Key Management Systems (KMS). Some companies have staff handling millions of encrypted files, in a variety of formats, which can expose their organization to potential security risks, since keys can be intercepted as they pass over the network.

Kryptera meets this key management problem head on, developing a high-performance mass encryption turnkey server called Mirage that allows organizations to rapidly and efficiently protect far more of their private files with far less stress. Replacing KMS also adds another layer of security, since Mirage can work in isolation on the network without needing to access a KMS server.

Kryptera recently completed a cybersecurity project at CENGN to determine the performance of their real-time mass encryption server, Mirage. The project proved to be extremely valuable for Kryptera as they gained access to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, technical expertise that accelerated their product development, and had their technology showcased to our multinational member companies.

Read more on the project below:

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