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Artificial Intelligence

What is It?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines to enable machine learning and problem-solving, resulting in an increase in efficiency and automation. AI is a main driver of innovation in all industries, working as the foundation for other emerging technologies like big data, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Project Scenarios

  • AI training for improved accuracy
  • Monitoring and improving AI speeds
  • Measuring resource requirements for using an AI solution at projected market levels
AI Solution IndustriesAreas of Advancement in AI

Allows medical processes and healthcare to become more efficient, autonomous, and consistent.
Medical research and diagnoses can become more efficient, timely and accurate with the ability of AI to crawl through massive amount of data. New drug development can excel with the help of AI capabilities. Predicting outcome of drug treatments will improve in accuracy through utilization of data through AI and automated monitoring.
Smart vehicles

Aim to increase safety on the road and optimize travel through IoT connectivity and AI solutions.
Number of injuries and deaths on our roads will decrease with AI automation decreasing the human error. Traffic monitoring and route control through AI will make travel more efficient, saving time in commuting and reducing carbon footprints. Beyond human transport, AI will enable other autonomous vehicles in industries like mining, farming, and delivery.
Financial technology (FinTech)

Leverages AI to provide better service and more dynamic stock trading.
Customer service will be more efficient in thefinancial sector with AI providing customized options based on your user profile. Management processes can become quicker through automation and data analysis. Stock trading will increase in speed allowing for a more dynamic market.
AI Enhanced Industries

Have improved speed and prediction models.
Real estate markets can better predict future fluctuation in the housing market. eLearning systems can become more automated, streamlining teacher workloads. The electronic gaming industry can develop more immersive gaming experiences.

Validate your tech solution with CENGN

CENGN offers the infrastructure and expertise needed to test and validate tech solutions and products.

These services are provided through a CENGN project to any Canadian small or medium enterprise looking for commercial growth.

A CENGN project helps validate your AI solutions by giving you free access to the industry’s highest-performance data centre-grade GPU, including Tesla V100s (32GB RAM variant). These GPUs can be provisioned for bare metal systems or for virtual machines to enable proper testing and training of your solution.

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