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Data Centre and Cloud

What is It?

Data Centres and Cloud Infrastructures are solutions that enable ubiquitous access to a collection of storage resources, network resources, compute resources, and other resources over the internet. New architectural approaches to these cloud infrastructure systems have redefined the way data services are delivered to users. The transition to virtualized network functions (VNF) running on standard, high-volume servers can lower the total cost of ownership, and reduce the power consumption of data centres by more than 50 percent. Transitioning to VNF will also facilitate the creation of an entirely new open ecosystem that allows the development of applications and services at the network edge. This transformation opens the door for small and medium enterprises to enter the service provider market.

Project Scenarios

  • Improving performance of low-latency network functions and network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVi) solutions.
  • Constructing systems and applications that can validate the performance of network solutions.
  • Creating operational support systems to maintain and operate cloud infrastructures.
Data Centre Solution AreaAreas of Advancement in Data Centre/Cloud
Solutions to improve building, maintenance, and operations of data centres and cloud infrastructures.On-demand dynamic CPU scaling will automatically increase the amount of available compute resources according to the needs of the customers.

Hardware acceleration and advanced server capabilities to increase system scalability and improve VNF performance.

Advanced OpenStack for optimized cloud computing can provide cloud orchestration solutions that will help improve cloud resources provisioning, cloud resources health monitoring, effective cloud services management, and enhanced billing and metering.

Bulk provisioning solutions that can offer optimal governance to the provisioning processes of systems and applications in cloud infrastructures.

Automated deployment capabilities to enhance data centre connectivity and reduce operational resources for manual configurations, therefore lessening operational expenses.

Validate your tech solution with CENGN

CENGN offers the infrastructure and expertise needed to test and validate tech solutions and products.

These services are provided through a CENGN project to any Canadian small or medium enterprise looking for commercial growth.

We can help you validate your data centre or cloud solution with our cloud infrastructure services and help from our members and partners. Our members comprise of large Canadian service providers who are in the process of transitioning to next generation network infrastructures. By leveraging our Proof-of-concept (PoC) environment, you will be able to showcase your cloud infrastructure and data centre solutions to some of the biggest leaders in ICT.


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Rockport Networks

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Evidence-Based Cloud Solutions for Canada’s Healthcare System

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