CENGN and CloudOps Deliver Docker & Kubernetes Training at Mitel

Earlier this winter, CENGN and CloudOps travelled to Mitel’s headquarters in Kanata, ON to deliver a private Docker & Kubernetes Workshop – CNI Edition. Mitel is a global leader in providing unified communications to both small and large businesses and allows its clients to connect, collaborate, and take care of their customers. Mitel is a leader in the communications space and is currently executing on a move-to-the-cloud strategy. Training its employees on Docker, Kubernetes, and containerization will allow the multinational to continue to drive innovation in the production of unified communications solutions. The 3-day private workshop introduced the participants to Docker and its tooling system, Kubernetes and its features, as well as the CNI overlay.

CENGN and CloudOps Deliver Docker & Kubernetes Training at Mitel

Ecosystem Collaboration

Throughout 2018, CENGN and CloudOps have partnered to deliver private and public workshops on Docker & Kubernetes. CloudOps is a certified Kubernetes Service and Training Provider positioning themselves as the go to organization for training on Docker, Kubernetes, and associated technologies. CENGN is a leader in next generation networking technology and operates a commercial-grade testing infrastructure with integrated cutting-edge technologies from our multinational members and partners as well as the CNCF, The Linux Foundation, OpenStack, and other open source projects.

The relationship between CENGN and CloudOps stems from a few years back when CloudOps completed multiple joint CENGN projects with Wind River, one of our long-time members. Since then, CENGN has travelled with CloudOps to several events showcasing the Canadian business’s technology and our growing training partnership. To date our two organizations have successfully delivered several workshops. The achievements continue to grow as members of CENGN are seeing value in using our workshops to train professionals at their organization on Docker & Kubernetes. In our past workshops, we’ve provided training to professionals at Juniper Networks, Nokia, Ribbon, Mitel, and many other multinational telecoms with deep roots in Canada.

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From Monolithic to Microservices

There’s a reason that large service providers and equipment vendors are making sure their employees are up to date on technologies like Docker & Kubernetes. The sheer growth of data has created the need for better flow of data within infrastructure and networks. This is one of the main reasons organizations are moving from monolithic architectures to a microservice approach and the adoption of containers are becoming mainstream. The loosely coupled microservices approach is prompting investment from companies into their IT infrastructure that offers better data accessibility and a shift to the hybrid cloud, which allows for data to be kept on-premise and easily moved across multiple clouds. Additional benefits include decreased infrastructure expenses, reduced downtime, and less manual configuration and maintenance of the infrastructure.

Mitel is a global leader in providing unified communications to its clients. The different business communication and collaboration products offered by Mitel powers more than 2 billion connections for the users they serve in over 100 countries. Mitel understands that to remain a global leader in the communications industry, it’s critical to have employees trained on cutting-edge next generation networking technologies. The private workshop delivered by CENGN and CloudOps at Mitel was a great example of a successful and innovative company recognizing the need to keep its employees up to date on relevant technology. We look forward to witnessing the continued success of Mitel as this training will have a significant and positive impact on the operations of the company.

Docker & Kubernetes Workshops

Docker & Kubernetes Workshops – CNI Edition ensure that members of your engineering team walk away after 3 days with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge on Docker, Kubernetes, and how to implement containers into an architecture. The workshops also cover new features, production use cases, and typical adoption challenges.

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