CENGN Offers Free Training to University/College Students this Summer

Free Courses for Canadian Students in the ICT Sector

Due to the hardship put on students from COVID-19, CENGN is once again offering industry training free of charge to Canadian post-secondary students. For summer 2021, CENGN is offering three different online courses (valued at $2600 each) for free to 30 students who are currently enrolled in a university/college ICT-related program across Canada. Each online course provides self-paced access to both training content and a hands-on working environment. High-value learner support will help students develop in-demand skillsets to prepare them for the workforce after COVID-19 ends.

COVID-19 Impact on Students

“Whether it’s learning through online schooling or trying to find a job, COVID-19 heavily impacted university and college students. As an organization that encourages economic development and readies students for careers in ICT, these free courses will provide students with the opportunity to learn an in-demand skill over the summer and get them ready for the workforce,” says Peter Heath, Senior Manager of Training Programs at CENGN.

Courses Being Offered

CENGN is offering three free courses (at a value of $2600 each) to students this summer:

Registration into any course includes one attempt at the associated digital badge exam.

If students are new to the world of cloud-native and DevOps, we recommend Docker and Kubernetes Basics.If students have some experience with containerization and Kubernetes, we are recommending Infrastructure as Code.If students are interested in programming and data science, we recommend Machine Learning with Python.
Start Dates: July 5 and August 3, 2021Start Date: July 5, 2021Start Date: August 3, 2021
Application Deadline: June 25, 2021Application Deadline: June 25, 2021Application Deadline: June 25, 2021

A Software Engineer or Architect
A Network Engineer or Architect
A Cloud Engineer or Architect
A Cloud Team Manager

A Network Engineer or Manager
A Cloud Engineer or Manager
A Product Manager

A Software developer/engineer/architect starting with ML
A Software team lead or manager overseeing ML teams
A Product Manager overseeing an ML product

Training Team

CENGN Academy’s training team offers a diverse background of experienced instructors teaching various subjects such as Docker and Kubernetes, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and more within the ICT sector. Each course is developed specifically by CENGN Academy’s training team, designed to give students a guided, hands-on learning experience.

Peter Heath

Peter Heath, Senior Manager of Training Programs at CENGN, is a seasoned leader in technical education and commercial training. With a background in curriculum & assessment development, Peter brings over 20 years of experience to his students.

Tharwat Krayem

Tharwat Krayem, Cloud Network Training Developer at CENGN, concentrates on machine learning, DevOps, and cloud technologies. She enjoys crafting engaging e-learning content and supporting students.

Application Process and Deadline

The application process for these three courses will be open until June 25, 2021.

To apply, students will require:

  1. Reason for applying to the training
  2. Career Goals after College/University
  3. What the student expects to achieve upon completion of the training
  4. A list of any previous training or experience with the related course

CENGN and CENGN Academy

CENGN’s vision is to advance global technology innovation for the prosperity of all Canadians. CENGN Academy provides training to build the talent pool to move those innovations forward, particularly in open-source intelligent networking technologies. CENGN Academy develops engaging self-paced training with hands-on labs and delivered live learner support. CENGN Academy badges validate your knowledge and skills and help you connect with individuals and companies in the same fields.


Course Information

For more information on all the courses and how to apply: https://www.cengn.ca/academy-free-training-for-students/

Our Alumni

With over 1000 alumni in Ontario, CENGN Academy trains students and current professionals in the workplace, giving them the ability to jumpstart their careers or open new doors to opportunities. Here’s what some of our learners have to say:


Name: Peter Heath, Senior Manager of Training Programs, CENGN

Email: peter.heath@cengn.ca

Phone Number: 613-963-1200 ext 303

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