Exploring Underlying Trends in Canada’s Innovative Economy at the Canadian Telecom Summit!

If you are interested in telecommunications, IT or broadcasting, the Canadian Telecom Summit was the place for you to be last week! Hosted by Macgregor Communications, a producer of world class conferences, trade-shows, and digital media, this summit delivered fascinating presentations from the thought leaders of the ICT community and gave attendees an opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge, and skills with speakers and peers.

The 18th successful Canadian Telecom Summit harbored the theme of ‘Converging Networks: A Foundation for Innovation Leadership’. Here, thought-provoking influencers from the industry participated in seven panels that discussed topics across all ranges, including regulations, AI, technological innovation, cyber security and privacy, network innovation, the innovation economy, and customer experience management. CENGN’s President and CEO, JC Fahmy, was one of the tech professionals participating in this event, joining the ‘Innovation Economy: The Ongoing Journey to Digitize our Lives’ panel.

The cyber security panel off to a great start!

JC took the stage to contribute his two cents on the underlying trends of Canada’s innovative economy as the nation goes through large structural changes. These structural changes are brought about by transformative digital technologies, changing trade dynamics, environmental trends, and evolving labour market shifts. Alongside the three other panelists, JC also explored the key drivers of climate innovation, the capacity to innovate, the innovation confidence factor, and the desired innovation outcomes. During the panel, JC emphasized the importance for all stakeholders in the Canadian innovation community to come together. He reflected on the importance of partnerships between large and small businesses as well as government programs and academic institutions to facilitate the growth of the economy in Canada’s tech sector.

This wasn’t the only panel that peaked CENGN’s interest! The ‘Cyber Security’ panel, and the ‘Network Innovation: SDN, Network Virtualization’ panel discussed in depth two of CENGN’s main project areas. CENGN offers its services to all different Canadian tech businesses with solutions in the field of networking.  In fact, cybersecuritysoftware-defined networking (SDN), and network functions virtualization (NFV), are just a few of the different sectors CENGN can help with.

CybernetIQ was our most recent success in cybersecurity solutions! They completed interoperability testing with CENGN for their new Control Layer Assessment Workstation (CLAW), to test their integration with firewalls from CiscoJuniper Networks, and the open source community for their cybersecurity platform. Shortly after the project, CybernetIQ went on to win $250K in funding from AccelerateOTT Pitchfest.

To read more about CybernetIQ’s most recent project with CENGN, click here!

CENGN also rolled out a successful SDN/NFV/SD-WAN project with Interdynamix (IDX) where the company stress tested their product’s new service offering that permitted service providers validation of their high-performing NFV solutions.

To read more about IDX’s most recent success story with CENGN, click here!

It is important for CENGN to attend events like this so that we can continue to expand our knowledge on networking and learn more about the leading-edge technology taking Canada by storm. This way, we can continue to grow and better serve Canada’s growing businesses. In the end, CENGN’s mission is to help our country’s thriving tech businesses overcome commercialization barriers, solidifying Canada’s ICT global competitiveness and economic prosperity.

Didn’t get a chance to attend this event? See where CENGN will be next by checking out our events calendar below!


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