CANARIE Summit 2017 Comes to Ottawa

On November 14th and 15th, CENGN joined Canada’s influencers in scientific research, private industry and government at the Westin Hotel, Ottawa for the CANARIE National Summit 2017.

The CANARIE Summit is an annual conference hosted by CANARIE, a vital contributor to Canada’s digital infrastructure supporting research, education and innovation. This event brings together leaders in business, academia and technology to learn about the latest discoveries in science and technology, contribute to discussions on promoting research and innovation in Canada, and build meaningful connections. This year, hundreds gathered for the two-day summit which explored the interconnectedness of Science, Commerce, and Security through keynote speeches, presentations, networking breaks and other event activities.

Dr. Jean Luc Bérubé’s presentation on ‘Taking Government Science to the Cloud’

At the start of each day, attendees got to interact with each other over breakfast. The first day of the event featured several interesting sessions including a presentation by the President of the Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC), Dr. Jean Luc Bérubé, on the topic ‘Taking Government Science to the Cloud’. In his address, he shared statistics which suggest that more people on earth today own cell phones than toothbrushes. This phenomenon is driving the rapid growth of data traffic as well as the demand for advanced digital technologies. To meet increased demand, Dr. Bérubé noted that Canada needs to build upon its global leadership in research to become a pacesetter in implementation. He also emphasized the power of cloud computing stating that CRC was able to build the Canadian government’s largest supercomputer in just 16 minutes by means of the cloud.

Other speakers at the conference touched on themes including security, mobile networks, and the digital economy. Networking sessions were scheduled in between presentations to give attendees the opportunity to engage on topics discussed. The event also featured exhibitions by academic and research organizations as well as industry leaders like Juniper Networks. There was never a dull moment over the entire two-day period!

CANARIE’s token of appreciation to CENGN

CENGN and CANARIE have built a strong relationship over the years which has resulted in collaborative projects such as the TELUS-Fujitsu proof-of-concept completed earlier this year. This partnership is extremely beneficial to our members as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs), who have the opportunity to leverage the Infrastructure at both CANARIE and CENGN to test their next generation technologies. We were therefore excited to attend the summit and show our support for CANARIE and the technology research community as a whole. Moreover, we had an amazing time networking with like-minded organizations and contributing to conversations which will direct the course of the future of the telecommunications and tech sector.

We would like to extend a big congratulations to CANARIE and the sponsors of the event for putting on a fun and highly informative conference. The 2017 CENGN Summit will be taking place in 3 weeks at the Brookstreet Hotel where Peter Wilenius, VP Business Development at CANARIE, will be speaking on a panel. We hope to see everyone there!

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