CENGN Journeys to Barcelona for Cisco Live 2018!

consistently attends events across the globe that showcase new ICT technologies. At these events, we learn about the latest technologies from around the world, keeping up to date with the newest innovations and helping Canada stay at the forefront of technology. We also get to mingle with new and old leaders in next generation networking, making way for new potential partnerships and opportunities. Last week, CENGN went to Cisco Live 2018 to learn more about the latest tech trends and visit some of the major global players in our industry.

Cisco Live is held on an annual basis, and is the place to be to find training, education, and networking opportunities alongside other ICT professionals from across the globe. This year, the event took place in Barcelona, Spain, boasting an impressive 700+ technical and business sessions on topics such as Cloud and Data Center, IoT, Security, Mobility, Network Transformation, Collaboration, Enterprise Networks, and SP. Throughout the 5-day event, attendees had the opportunity to participate in technical training, listen in on IT sessions and keynote presentations, receive hands-on tutelage on the latest Cisco technologies, and enjoy partner-focused content.

Two of our engineers, William Vail and Ochuko Benemoh, left for Barcelona last Saturday, joining the thousands of like-minded ICT professionals from around the globe at the event. They made their rounds at the Cisco Live venue, where they got the chance to learn about AI and machine learning assisted collaboration, segment routing, IPv6 for IoT, LoRaWAN for IoT Enterprise Services, and Troubleshooting BGP. They also had the opportunity to network and connect with leaders from tech companies who were interested in the CENGN mission and potentially becoming future members and partners for CENGN.

CENGN’s members and partners collaborate with growing Canadian businesses to test and validate innovative solutions and disruptive technologies. By joining CENGN, our members are building connections with the innovation sector in Canada, allowing them to keep their finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving and dynamic ICT industry our country has to offer. By being the first to know about our projects, our members and partners can see the latest innovations produced by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Moreover, our members and partners contribute their technologies to our multi-vendor lab so it can then be used by SMEs to test their latest solutions. This creates a strong potential for a mutually beneficial partnership between members and SMEs as the projects often validate the new solution’s compatibility with the member’s products. By the end of a successful CENGN project, most SMEs pair their technology with the member’s or advertise its compatibility when commercializing their solution.

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Cisco has been a long time CENGN member, enabling our organization to deliver services to SMEs across the country. The multinational vendor provides in-kind funding through offering its products/services to CENGN’s multi-vendor lab, enabling companies to test and validate their solutions on Cisco hardware and software. These contributions have led to several successful projects. In the open source world, CENGN was able to expand FD.io’s library in the OPNFV’s Fast Data Stacks Project thanks to Cisco’s donation of their Vector Packet Processing (VPP) library. Cisco’s hardware was also tested for compatibility with SRC Solution’s Pilot Things in a recent project, SRC Solution Integrates Pilot Things with Cisco IoX and 829 IoT Router, opening up the possibility of future collaborations and projects between Cisco and SRC Solution.

CENGN members and partners boost our ability to serve SMEs. Having them allows for the cultivation of important relationships where collaborations and wide-scale projects can be undertaken between large corporations and smaller companies in the tech industry. This fosters innovation by giving smaller companies with big ideas the resources required to create and develop innovative solutions that will propel the Canadian tech industry skyward; the relationships our members and partners form are indispensable and beneficial to the growing information technology-driven Canadian economy, and Cisco live is the perfect opportunity for CENGN to build bridges and connect Canada’s ICT industry further.

We would like to extend our thanks to Cisco for hosting this opportunity-rich event that enabled us to learn about the latest technologies and meet potential members and partners.

CENGN will be travelling to Barcelona again for Mobile World Congress 2018! In fact, we will be having our own meeting room, and are currently providing tickets for all in the CENGN ecosystem — members/partners and SMEs alike. If you want to learn more about the event or are looking to attend, have a look at our events page or the Mobile Word Congress Webpage for more information.

You can also contact us directly to figure out how we can help you get to the event: events@cengn.ca

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