CENGN and CloudOps Collaborate to Train Industry on Docker and Kubernetes

Published: January 29, 2018

Last week, fifteen eager engineers gathered at CENGN’s headquarters to participate in a hands-on workshop focusing on Docker, Kubernetes, and application modernization ecosystems. The workshop was led by CloudOps, a Kubernetes certified service provider and leader in the Canadian Kubernetes community. Participants from Juniper Networks, Nokia, Irdeto, and CENGN took part in this two-day event where they received hands-on training enabling them to hone their knowledge of containers and associated technologies. These open source developments may be leading edge now, but it is clear that Kubernetes and containers are soon to be a staple in the industry.

By packaging a process running on a computer, along with the supporting files for the process to run, containers allow the transportation of a single and isolated process across computers. This optimizes storage space and makes otherwise static programs and applications easily portable throughout the cloud. It is through the implementation of this technology that increases in efficiency and productivity within a workspace can be realized.

CENGN and CloudOps Collaborate to Train Industry on Docker and Kubernetes
Breakfast and Lunch Setup for the Workshop

Both Docker and Kubernetes are open source, making them buildable solutions ideal for the employment of virtualization via containers. Docker is a software technology providing operating-system virtualization via containers for Linux and Windows operating systems, and helps digitally transform businesses by creating independence between applications and infrastructure. Kubernetes is an open source system for automating deployment, scaling, and managing containerized applications. When used in conjunction, these systems enable efficient transportation of containers from host to guest. These coactive technologies offer the structured and streamlined containerization that companies are eager to start leveraging in their networks, making this workshop relevant to the attendees looking to stay on top of industry innovations.

We are proud to have worked with CloudOps to provide this two-day hands-on workshop to help organizations better understand Docker, Kubernetes and application modernization ecosystems, as well as how to implement containers into their architecture. CloudOps is a Montreal-based cloud consulting and services company who have collaborated with us in many capacities; including the CENGN Summit, where they spoke on the “Innovation Across Canada” panel about the impact that next generation networks can have on the growth and development of business-led innovation for Canada.

CENGN and CloudOps Collaborate to Train Industry on Docker and Kubernetes
The Engineers Participating in Training

Moreover, CloudOps took part in two CENGN projects, teaming up with one of our members, Wind River, to consolidate their CloudMC technology with Wind River’s Titanium Edge. In their first project, Wind River deployed its Titanium Edge NFV software platform solution using the CENGN infrastructure to verify its functionality. Then, through collaborative training, we identified how CloudOps and Wind River could incorporate CloudMC into the Titanium Edge platform, and successfully carried out the integration in the CENGN Infrastructure as part of the second project. Thanks to the cooperation of CloudOps, our joint Docker and Kubernetes workshop proceeded smoothly and provided participants with practical knowledge that will further extend their capabilities within the Canadian tech industry.

CENGN prides itself on developing a new talent pool that will propel Canada’s ICT industry. Running workshops such as Docker and Kubernetes training helps us do just that. We cater to new, budding talents and industry professionals looking to expand their knowledge and stay relevant in the fast-paced ICT sector. CENGN creates opportunities for student development and success while simultaneously supporting present workers in the industry. In doing so, we hope to engender the workforce needed to develop next generation networks and ICT.

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