Ontario Government Announces CENGN and OCE’s Next Generation Network Program

Published: January 30, 2018

On Thursday, January 25th, CENGN invited leaders in the Ontario tech industry to witness the Ontario Government’s announcement for the Next Generation Network Program (NGNP). This $63 million program will facilitate the development of a next generation network (NGN) testbed that connects Ontario’s Regional Innovation Centres, industry and academia. This newfound access to CENGN’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and services will equip innovators and companies across the province with new capabilities to collaborate on the creation and commercialization of new and disruptive products, processes, and solutions.

The event was held in Invest Ottawa’s Bayview Yards innovation center, where CENGN staff and students, members and partners, CENGN project alumni, industry associates and government officials gathered to celebrate the initiation of the Ontario-wide program. This momentous event for CENGN included talking notes from:

Yasir Naqvi, Attorney General of Ontario

Michael Tremblay, President and CEO of Invest Ottawa

Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Infrastructure

Reza Moridi, Minister of Research, Innovation and Science

Robert Fitts, Interim CEO at CENGN

Tom Corr, CEO of the Ontario Centres of Excellence

Lamin Sisay, Vice President, Sales at inBay Technologies

Check out our photo gallery for the event below:

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For more information about the program, check out our webpage:

[cherry_button text=”Learn More about the NGNP” url=”https://www.cengn.ca/next-generation-network-program-en/” style=”default” icon_position=”top” bg_color=”#ffffff” color=”#ec2028″ min_width=”80″ target=”_self”]

[cherry_button text=”Click here to view OCE and CENGN’s  Joint Press Release” url=”https://www.cengn.ca/cengn-oce-join-forces-government-of-ontario-networking-innovators-province/” style=”default” icon_position=”top” bg_color=”#ffffff” color=”#ec2028″ min_width=”80″ target=”_self”]

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