Ottawa Companies Lead the Way in Transitioning to Remote Work with Cloud-Based Solutions

COVID-19 has brought a big change to how we do business, with companies that are able to run operations virtually quickly switching over to remote work. It has become clear that for the time being, the capability to successfully continue operations from home is essential to business.

Last Thursday, Invest Ottawa hosted a webinar exploring businesses’ transition to remote work by highlighting two of Ottawa’s most promising companies offering cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions are essential for remote offices as they facilitate access for employees to work from anywhere, accessing their company networks through stable connections in a secure way. The webinar featured presentations from MASV and CENGN project, as well as presentations from the Government of Ontario’s Advanced Technology Platform organizations; CENGNENCQOR, and OCE.

After a brief introduction from Tim Warland, Manager of Venture Programs at Invest Ottawa, the webinar started with a presentation from Greg Wood, Vice President of Project Management at MASV, going over their solution for massive file transfer. MASV’s solution enables remote video production by simplifying the transfer of massive files at highest speed and reliability, allowing workers to continue creating video content from anywhere.

David MacFarlane, President at, then took center stage speaking about their remote server monitoring and management solution. is a SaaS company that works to save IT managers time by allowing them to manage and monitor their networks remotely. During the webinar, David went over some of the common problems faced by small and medium businesses when it comes to IT, such as not being able to fix a problem without a computer and VPN, existing remote monitoring and management solutions being complex and expensive, and problems only being able to be fixed the next day. works to solve these issues by creating an IT management platform that is easy to use and mobile-first, allowing for problems to be solved remotely as they occur, therefore saving organizations money and improving the quality of service and support an IT team can deliver. has a special place with CENGN, having completed a successful commercialization project using our infrastructure services. In 2019, leveraged CENGN services to validate new functionalities of their network application solution in a Windows Remote Desktop Service (RDS) environment comparable in size to a large-scale customer. RDS functionality was an important feature for’s customer-base, so validation has allowed them to significantly increase their market potential. Upon completion of the project, the CENGN marketing team caught up with to hear their take on their solution and the outcome of the project. Watch the video below to see what they had to say:

Interested in learning more about and their CENGN project? Click here to read the full success story.

The webinar concluded with presentations from CENGN, ENCQOR, and OCE going over the different services each company provides to support growing Canadian businesses like MASV and As this is a difficult time for many, CENGN and fellow commercial accelerators in Ontario have joined forces to help Ontario innovators make the connections necessary to accelerate their products and services to market. Led by OCE, the COVID-19 Collaboration Platform has been launched to mobilized Ontario Innovators to tackle COVID-19 issues. Learn more about the Collaboration Platform here.

CENGN specifically, provides Canada’s tech startups and scaleups access to our commercial-grade testbed, as well as our technical expertise, so companies can more easily test and validate their solutions, allowing them to accelerate commercialization and expand to global markets. By enabling this commercialization, CENGN helps to establish Canada as a global leader in advanced networking as well as improves economic prosperity job growth.

Do you have a networking solution that you think could benefit from a project with CENGN? Learn more about CENGN’s services and let us know about your product – click the button below!

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