Carleton University Students Meet CENGN!

CENGN networks with students at Carleton University’s Winter Net Night!

Thanks to Carleton University, CENGN has been granted the opportunity to take part in student-recruitment events each school semester. These events give CENGN the chance to network with students and discuss their potential role in the industry today.

The Net Night events at Carleton University offer students the opportunity to meet with a variety of recruiters in different fields to learn more about the possibilities that are available in the upcoming term.


Throughout the night, our team established connections with new grads and co-op students, discussing CENGN’s student-based opportunities, and the importance of practical, hands-on experience. Nathalie Guthrie, Human Resources Manager and Randy Elias, Intern Manager of CENGN, represented the company and were given the daunting task of introducing a large group of ambitious students to what CENGN has to offer. Both were thoroughly impressed with the amount of drive and charisma demonstrated by these young opportunity seekers.

A large portion of CENGN’s success as a company is an outcome of student involvement. Whether it be through a student directly contributing to the progression and completion of a project or putting their skills to the test in other branches like marketing, product management, or finance, CENGN ensures that the students are able to directly impact the growth and improvement of the company!

CENGN’s objective is to ensure students are given the tools needed to enrich their academic experience. We offer a large number of student placements each year, with the knowledge that students are an essential part of CENGN’s overall success. Moreover, CENGN is a firm believer in the power of enabling a young workforce. Enriching the experience of young professionals is the easiest way to build up a community of experts in specialized sectors like Next Generation Networks.

Overall, the students and new grads made valuable connections with CENGN and learnt more about the available career options within the Ottawa area. Thank you Carleton University and all involved for sharing your intererst in CENGN and the tech industry. We look forward to seeing this group of eager students hit the workforce!

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CENGN, Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, drives technology innovation and industry growth through our testbed, technical expertise, talent development, and partner ecosystem. Through our projects, CENGN enables small and medium Canadian Enterprises to test and validate promising technologies, removing barriers to product commercialization and accelerating market growth.

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