Students Fully Book Juniper Networks’ Academic Bootcamp!

CENGN is thrilled to announce that Ryerson and Juniper Networks’ Academic Bootcamp has reached full capacity!

If you haven’t heard, Juniper Networks is hosting an Academic bootcamp at Ryerson University next week from April 24-26th! Students from across the GTA will be taking part in a three-day technical training course, where they will get hands on experience and training from industry multinational Juniper Networks. The course is designed for networking, engineering, and computer science students, and will take them through the fundamentals of Junos OS. Upon completion, the technical training will finish with an exam preparation session in support of those looking to complete their JNCIA-Junos certification.

With visits from some of the biggest industry names, this fully booked event will provide students with the rare opportunity to directly ask industry leaders their most pressing questions about both technology and careers! The connections made at the bootcamp will be beneficial not only for the student’s future careers, but will also help to ensure that Canada remains a global leader in the technology industry.

CENGN takes pride in its student involvement and prioritizes skill building as a way of ensuring Canada maintains its leadership status in next generation networking today and in the future. Through building up a new generation of professionals, CENGN’s goal is to ensure that the ICT sector thrives in Canada. The Juniper Networks Bootcamp is exactly the type of project that CENGN is enthusiastic about because it educates the next generation of leaders on the newest of technologies while allowing the students to gain the knowledge needed when entering the workforce.

With this in mind, CENGN is thrilled to be facilitating and promoting this bootcamp, with partners Ryerson University and Juniper Networks! Both companies have had a long and fruitful relationship with CENGN throughout the past couple of years, which makes the success of this event even sweeter! This event will also be a great way to build upon our other existing academic partnerships with University of Toronto, York University, and Seneca College, all of which have students attending the three-day course.

Overall, all parties involved are looking forward to the Juniper Academic Bootcamp! Not only will it provide the students with a great deal of knowledge about both the Junos Operating System and Routing Essentials, but will also help these aspiring professionals make real-world connections with industry leaders in the ICT sector for years to come!

CENGN loves to see partnerships form between industry members and academic partners and is always looking  for opportunities for our other members to work with other academic partners and we are thrilled to see this transpire at the Bootcamp!

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