Safe Zoning Children and Seniors with WeTraq

Published: August 14th, 2018

Next up in the CENGN project queue is WeTraq, a Toronto-based company in the research and development phase with an IoT location monitoring solution. The company has recently raised a seed round from the CableShoppe Inc. (CSI), an electronics life cycle company. They have also worked closely with Durham College, UOIT, and Spark Innovation Centre in Oshawa using their incubation resources. WeTraq is a SmartStart funding recipient from our partner, Ontario Centres of Excellence, and has received additional funding from NSERC & IRAP. The IoT company is now looking to move one step closer to bringing their product to market by completing a CENGN project.

WeTraq has created a credit card sized device with a global tracking system that combines GPS technology with WiFi and cellular radio connectivity, allowing its users to monitor the location of their loved ones and other valuable possessions. To have increased control on their data security, WeTraq is in the process of migrating their application from an American data centre to a Canadian one. WeTraq wants to test the migration process in a CENGN IoT project before fully transferring their hosting to a Canadian data centre. In addition to the migration testing, WeTraq will test the operation of their product by providing their physical devices to various people to use in the field.

Tracking an Opportunity
WeTraq was founded by Ishaan Singla who has worked in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry for just under a decade. Ishaan noticed caregivers were consistently concerned about their loved ones who were children and seniors suffering from mental health conditions such as autism, dementia, and Alzheimer’s where they tend to wander unknowingly putting their safety at risk. Ishaan conducted research on existing tracking devices and worked with technology caregivers, senior care organizations, and hospitals. He noticed current products on the market are based only on traditional Bluetooth or GPS technology and lacked sufficient geographical coverage, battery life, and overall usability. Acting on the opportunity, he founded WeTraq, a device that allows its users around the world to locate their loved ones, providing the security they need and peace of mind caregivers deserve. Safety is also a paramount concern for seniors, especially those prone to wandering. Caregivers and family members looking after someone vulnerable and prone to wandering, such as those with autism or Alzheimer’s, live with concerns of safety on a daily basis.

WeTraq Features
WeTraq is a reliable solution using GPS, cellular, and WiFi to ease the anxiety of caregivers who are responsible for the safety of their loved ones. WeTraq creates location transparency allowing users to connect one device to several mobile phones or multiple devices to one phone. For example, multiple caregivers can monitor the location of an individual or the WeTraq mobile application could be used for one parent to view the location of children, pets, or other objects.

WeTraq provides wide geographical coverage, so no matter how far a patient can make it from your facility, tracking their movements is simple. In addition to extensible geographic coverage, WeTraq is operational indoors and allows tracking on patients within all types of facilities. It also provides users with additional features such as custom report scheduling, geofencing and SOS buttons. Geofencing enables its users to create a custom safe zone so when the individual with the device enters or exits the safe zone, caregivers are immediately informed through a notification to their smartphone. The SOS button is on the WeTraq device so if a loved one needs immediate help, they have a simple and immediate way to reach out to their caregivers.

Localizing Data
WeTraq is currently hosted by a data centre in the United States, but migrating to a Canadian-host will allow the company to gain greater control on their data security. WeTraq’s CENGN project has been designed to test their migration workflow as well as the operation of their product. For the project, 10 people will be given WeTraq devices and will roam the GTA for the duration of the testing. WeTraq will deploy their server in the CENGN cloud and ensure their solution is operational by running the following tests:

We look forward to working closely with WeTraq over the next few weeks to help them both validate their solution and successfully migrate to a Canadian data centre for greater data and privacy protection of their clients. More developments of the project will follow, sign up for our newsletter to stay connected.

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Visit the WeTraq website here to learn more about their product.

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