John Kadianos, CEO, Breqwatr

Over the last 30 years John Kadianos has made significant technical contributions to the IT industry in various roles that have helped organizations and technologies evolve to their greatest potential. As a vocal supporter and adopter of OpenStack, Linux, and other open source technologies John, has dedicated the majority his career to helping develop the landscape for the virtual data centre.

John’s evangelistic views on cloud computing have made him one of the Canada’s technical thought leaders and one of the first to articulate the evolutionary transition of Information Technology from enterprise computing to cloud computing.

John currently serves as Founder and CEO of Breqwatr, a manufacturer of an OpenStack Powered, hyper-converged cloud appliance. Prior to Breqwatr, John was the Founder & CEO of Hyper Technologies Inc., a system’s integrator specialized in the design, integration, and the optimization of highly-available, enterprise-class virtualization solutions, with a focus on cloud management, automation & orchestration leveraging Microsoft, VMware and OpenStack management platforms.

Previously, John was the CEO of Infostream Technologies Inc., Canada’s leading System Integration Consulting Firm purchased by Bell Canada in 2004.  As the CEO of a Bell Canada owned company, John and his skilled Infostream team designed, built and launched Canada’s first Cloud Storage offering, focused on tertiary and archive data.

John’s very opinionated thoughts on cloud computing have pitted him against the “old guard” with a strong belief that Fiber Channel, Blades & vSphere are counter-intuitive to modern cloud mandates …. open, elastic & simple.

John is an advisor for the government of Canada and participates on the Government of Canada Architecture Framework Advisory Committee for the use of Open Source Software.

About Breqwatr Inc.  Breqwatr offers an OpenStack Powered, hyper-converged cloud appliance that offers scale-out infrastructure, cloud management and a uniquely designed user interface that empowers its’ clients to deploy and consume Infrastructure-as-a-Service without the complexity and time associated with alternative private cloud solution.

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