Open Source Community Gathers on CENGN Summit Eve

This past Monday evening, CENGN, in partnership with The Linux Foundation, organized the Ottawa Open Source Networking Meetup on the eve of the CENGN Summit. The meetup is held quarterly and gathers a variety of members from the open source community including industry professionals, students, and technology enthusiasts.

Rick Penwarden, Marketing Manager, CENGN

The open source community moves quickly and organizing meetups are a great way to keep all interested parties up to date on what’s new. The goal of the meetups is to explore recent developments in the ICT industry, share ideas on how to navigate up and coming technologies, and network with like-minded individuals. The meetup was a fantastic way to kickstart the CENGN Summit and begin the tech discussions. Attendees packed a full room on November 26th with lots of pizza, beer, and networking. CENGN’s Marketing Manager, Rick Penwarden, began the night with an introduction including the agenda for the night and a preview of what to expect the next day at the CENGN Summit.

Icaro Camelo, Senior Member of Technical Staff, VMware

Following Rick was our first speaker of the night, Icaro Camelo who is a Senior Member of Technical Staff at VMware. Icaro has been attending our meetups for years and decided to provide some insight and knowledge to our meetup members. He discussed the pillars of OpenDaylight application development and provided the audience an overview of the components that serve as a base platform for other OpenDaylight applications.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Rezaee from Qspice Labs

After a short networking break, Dr. Mohammad Reza Rezaee from Qspice Labs joined us to discuss the threats and opportunities of Quantum Security. His discussion covered a wide variety of quantum computing topics such as how it affects network security, steps to quantum readiness, and the resources available for people to learn and get involved in the field.

Interested in presenting at out next meetup? Email Rick Penwarden, Marketing Manager at CENGN at

Throughout the meetup, our audience stayed engaged and interacted with the presenters by asking questions that created some forward-thinking discussions. CENGN believes that this is what makes a successful meetup as our goal is for the attendees to walk away with new knowledge and be exposed to different perspectives and ideas.

CENGN’s mission is to ensure the success of the Canadian ICT sector in regards to growing the talent pool of ICT professionals, developing small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and working collaboratively with our ecosystem of members and partners.  Our infrastructure utilizes the most relevant and new open source technologies to ensure the services we offer SMEs are on the leading-edge. This puts us in a unique position to provide thought-leadership on open source technologies. Facilitating events like the Open Source Networking Meetup allows the ICT community to learn from each other and build the connections that create collaboration opportunities to further the development of Canadian technology and the economy. Attendees consist of professionals currently working in the ICT sector as well as several students, which is great to see that the meetups are creating interest in ICT for the next generation of talent.

All in all, CENGN is more than ready for another year of exciting meetups come 2019! Stay in the loop for future meetups by joining our meetup page! Click here to join.

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