Another 5 Professionals Become CCSS Graduates!

The talent pool at CENGN is continuing to grow as five more students have officially become CENGN Cloud System Specialist (CCSS) certified! Recently, JC Fahmy, CENGN’s CEO and President, and Peter Heath, Senior Manager of Training Programs, gathered with five of our new interns to congratulate them on their success and handout their certifications.

These engineering students were kept busy during the first couple of weeks of their internship at CENGN, spending time studying and perfecting key theoretical concepts and practical hands-on skills used when operating in a cloud-based environment. Knowledge was gained on Linux Fundamentals, Container Orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes, Network Fundamentals, and Cloud Computing using OpenStack. Then, the students completed the CCSS exam based on these topics and received tangible proof of their success and accomplishment!

In a nutshell, the CCSS is an entry-level certification that validates knowledge and practical abilities on basic Linux administration, standard IP networking, container management and orchestration using Docker and Kubernetes, as well as cloud system administration using OpenStack and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Receiving the certificate is proof that graduates have excelled at the self-driven learning experience that the Cloud Networking Bootcamp provided, and adapted to the new skills and knowledge in current ICT.

Knowing how to adapt to the continuously growing and rapidly expanding ICT sector in Canada is critical to employers within the industry, and completing this certification is proof that CCSS graduates can do this. Receiving the certificate is powerful recognition that these CENGN employees have integrated themselves into the current next generation networks trends, and have the experience required to work among professionals with this technology. It proves graduates will be a competitive addition to any team, and that they have the research abilities and work ethic that will make them valuable to a workforce.

Click below to hear what Peter Heath, Senior Manager of Training Programs, and CENGN’s student graduates have to say about the CCSS program:

CENGN’s Boot Camp proves skills to work in cloud systems environment

CCSS is not the only powerful learning opportunity available to students and the community. Through our training initiative, CENGN Academy, CENGN delivers training programs that offer knowledge and skills on the latest and greatest technologies in next generation networking and the ICT sector. The support of our member partners including CiscoJuniper Networksthe Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and many others, allows us to deliver the best possible workshops to the public.

We have two very exciting workshop opportunities on the horizon! In August, no matter your location, CENGN

Academy is providing the opportunity for the tech community to participate in CENGN’s virtual NFV Foundations workshop! This workshop will touch on what exactly NFV means and why it is important. Attendees will have the door opened to understanding the technology, learning what NFV’s current role is in networks and how it is related with Software Defined Networking (SDN). With special use cases from CENGN’s multinational ecosystem, and different NFV application and vendor approaches being used and investigated, this is a workshop techies will not want to miss!

Interested in the NFV Foundations Workshop? Register Today!

CENGN is also offering a Docker-Kubernetes Workshop (CNI Edition) in collaboration with CloudOps to provide attendees with hands-on skills when working with Docker containers in a Kubernetes environment. Attendees and their team will gain a better understanding of these technologies through this workshop, learn how to implement containers into their architecture, and be provided with insight on its new features, production use cases, and adoption challenges.

Interested in the Docker-Kubernetes Workshop? Register Today!

CENGN offers a wide variety of training to build a knowledgeable team of competent individuals to help boost Canada’s network pool. We work to solidify the Canadian ICT sector’s global competitiveness by keeping students and professionals up to date on one of the most rapidly evolving industries. By creating a strong workforce, Canada’s economic strength and prosperity will continue to thrive, helping to establish our nation as a global tech leader.

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