It’s Official – Six More Students Certified!

This past week, our current engineering students officially received their Cloud Administration and Networking Certification (CANC) through CENGN Academy.

We are extremely proud of our student program here at CENGN. Through our provided student bootcamp and training, we leave a positive impact on each engineering interns’ career by having them go through a certification process called the Cloud Administration and Networking Certification (CANC). Passing the CANC exam confirms that every engineer has a thorough understanding of how to operate an OpenStack cloud deployment using Linux Foundation projects. When they leave our organization, they walk away with the skills they need to become a highly sought-after network professional.

All six students were awarded with a certification and letter from President and CEO of CENGN, JC Fahmy, as well as CENGN’s Senior Manager of Training Programs, Peter Heath. These students will be able to keep these certifications with them through out their entire career and add the certification to their resumes to gain a competitive edge and be successful within the information communications technology (ICT) Industry.

Providing students with the most up to date ICT education is what CENGN is all about. With a semester being only 4-months, we know we only have a short turnaround time to leverage these young bright minds, while giving them the knowledge needed to jump start their careers. For this reason, we focus on providing a work placement that gives them a strong base, fast, so they can jump right into making an impact on CENGN’s services and technology. In the end, we want these young professionals to walk away with a competitive advantage, leaving with hands on experience with cutting edge technology and practical expertise.

CENGN’s mission is to continually grow and improve the ICT community and we believe that education has the power to do so. With the ICT sector being one of the most fast-paced, growing industries in the world, it’s important for those within the field, as well as entering the field, to stay up to date on the most recent disruptions and advancements. Through CENGN’s leading-edge infrastructure, technical expertise, and the creation of a globally recognized ecosystem of members and partners, our company is in a unique position to educate and facilitate the growth of the ICT sector in Canada. With the creation of a more qualified and current ICT community, Canada’s homegrown small and medium enterprises have the ability to scale up their employee count within our borders. In addition, multinational corporations have reason to set up shop or expand their presence within Canada. This leads to an innovative economy, providing our nation with increased job opportunity and a better fiscal health.

Coming into the new year, CENGN is rolling out a program called CENGN Academy to further the educate not only students, but all level of ICT professionals. With this new training initiative, we are focusing on bringing opportunity for people of all skill levels and positions to acquire skills on the latest technologies in next generation networking and the information communications technology sector. Through the support of our members and partners such as Cisco, Juniper Networks, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and many others, our list of workshops and training offerings continue to grow.

Click the button below to learn more about CENGN Academy and what we will have to offer in the near future!

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CENGN, Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, drives technology innovation and industry growth through our testbed, technical expertise, talent development, and partner ecosystem. Through our projects, CENGN enables small and medium Canadian Enterprises to test and validate promising technologies, removing barriers to product commercialization and accelerating market growth.

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