Welcome Students of Fall 2019!

Last week, CENGN welcomed thirteen of Canada’s finest students, hailing from Carleton University, Dalhousie University, University of Ottawa, University of Victoria and University of Waterloo. These students attended CENGN’s two-day orientation to meet their new colleagues, learn about the teams CENGN is made up of, and the tools they will be using over the next four months.

The orientation started off with an introductory session by Peter Heath, Senior Manager for Training Programs, and Nathalie Guthrie, Director of Human Resources. Here, the students were given a brief overview of the two days to come, and had the opportunity to introduce themselves to their new co-workers.

A highlight of the orientation was a welcome by CENGN CEO, JC Fahmy, who informed the new interns on CENGN’s mission and vision, and its place within the Canadian Information Communication and Technology (ICT) landscape. He emphasized CENGN’s role in fostering innovation and growth through our infrastructure services, technical expertise, talent development and our ecosystem of members and partners.

Throughout the term, the students are looking forward to being direct contributors and drivers of CENGN’s mission. They will have the unique opportunity to work with the greater CENGN ecosystem, including industry leading multinational vendors and service providers, who are the top research and development investors in Canada, as well as the most innovative growing Canadian businesses. Students will also have a key role in CENGN’s engineering operations and have the opportunity to work on our commercial grade infrastructure.

Welcome Students of Fall 2019!

With orientation complete, the Finance, Human Resources and Marketing students joined their departments to begin their full-time work.  The technical students from the Engineering, Project Management, Training and Customer Solutions team have now begun the CENGN bootcamp. They are currently working towards their CENGN Cloud System Specialist (CCSS) certification through CENGN’s training platform, CENGN Academy.

The CCSS course emphasizes the theoretical concepts required to work on a cloud-based infrastructure, paired with hands-on experience to hone practical skills. The students will expand their knowledge of Linux and Networking Fundamentals, Container Orchestration using Docker and Kubernetes, Cloud Computing using and Network Functions Virtualization. To complete the course and begin their work at CENGN, students must pass the CCSS exam and earn their certification.

Does the CCSS course sound interesting to you? You’re in luck! CENGN encourages anyone eager to earn this certification to contact us and expand the breadth and depth of your knowledge while getting some great hands-on experience. With the rapid evolution of the ICT industry, mastering the most cutting-edge technologies in the workplace can give recent graduates a competitive advantage when applying for positions.

Ready to enroll? Contact academy@cengn.ca!

CENGN works to strengthen Canada’s networking and telecommunications talent pool through our student program and training offerings. As the fast-paced ICT sector continues to evolve, it is important that we enable and encourage a talent pool that can learn newly relevant skills and be a driver of innovation. Through our training and student programs, CENGN helps sharpen the skills of highly qualified personnel in the country to provide growing Canadian technology companies the trained professionals they need to successfully scale up their business. CENGN believes that growing the talent pool in our country is essential to making Canada more competitive in the global ICT industry, leading to further economic prosperity for all.

Students will be leaving CENGN with the ability to work on the cutting edge of cloud technology and the skill-set necessary to drive next generation networks. To see if hiring a CENGN student alumni is right for your organization click here!

We’re happy to have our new students on board and can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish this term!

Interested in becoming a CENGN intern? Click the button below to see if there’s a student job opportunity suitable for you!

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