StreamScan Begins CENGN Project to Validate their Cybersecurity Solution

StreamScan Begins CENGN Project to Validate their Cybersecurity Solution

What is StreamScan?

StreamScan was founded in 2011 with the mandate to help businesses protect their intellectual property and customer data from cyber-theft, as well as prevent major disruptions of critical services due to cyber-attacks. In order to counter these cyber-threats, the company uses behaviour analysis of network flows with a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This makes StreamScan one of the first companies to use behaviour analysis of network flows for malware detection.

Formed by a team of PhDs and cybersecurity experts, it is easy to understand how StreamScan has leveraged connections with some of the top universities in the security sector. They have even collaborated with Academia on research and development programs funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC Engage). The success StreamScan has enjoyed so far has been largely due to their CDS solution.

CDS is a leading-edge data breach detection solution that is the result of over five years of intense research and development by the Streamscan team with the goal of revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry. It detects cybersecurity breaches and compromised devices by analyzing network traffic without direct connection to the network devices. CDS is primarily focused on detecting unknown malware and threats using a behaviour-based approach that combines machine learning methods, cybersecurity techniques and algorithms. StreamScan prides itself on CDS’s flexibility, user-friendliness, scalability, and its availability in both English and French.

Part of the product’s advantage lies in its versatility. It can be deployed as a virtual appliance, physical appliance, or cloud application. It also has two main modes, passive and active. In passive mode, CDS detects compromised or infected devices (devices having an abnormal behaviour related to cyber-threats) and generates alerts about them. In active mode, it can communicate with a firewall and instruct it to block the suspect devices. Moving forward, the company is looking to validate that their solution can perform in a larger variety of network environments.

The Project

To do so, StreamScan has started a CENGN project deploying their CDS solution on our CENGN Infrastructure, taking advantage of our bare metal services. The deployment will provide the opportunity for StreamScan to test not only the malware detection side of CDS, but also their product’s ability to integrate with pfSense firewalls and block incoming cyber-threats. Upon completion of this project, the growing Canadian business should be able to position CDS as a solution to a much larger market segment and open the company’s scope to many more potential partnerships.

Projects like these demonstrate how CENGN offers our services and resources to help small and medium-sized enterprises that require a network infrastructure to validate a security software’s functionality with different network environments and tools. We also accept projects in other networking areas including SDN/NFV/SDWAN, IoT/Smart City Applications, Data Centre/Cloud, Network Transport, Network Applications, and Mobile Networks. The driving force behind everything we do at CENGN is our vision to accelerate commercialization and make Canada the dominant player in information communications technology.

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