Kryptera Delivers Additional Security Through Very Large File Encryption

Kryptera is a company based in Waterloo, Ontario that is developing a range of products and services to answer the call for high-speed mass encryption processes. Still in the R&D phase, one of the products Kryptera is moving to market is their high-performance encryption server titled Mirage. In their upcoming cybersecurity project on the CENGN Testbed, Kryptera will be benchmarking the encryption speeds and processing characteristics of Mirage.

Additional Security through Encryption
Organizations already have security blocking the infiltration of external sources from accessing their network. However, we’ve seen that sometimes this security isn’t enough as data copying or theft is still a common issue in many industries. When a data breach occurs and an external source gains entry to the network, they have access to all sorts of different files. Secure encryption for both small and large files are essential to ensure files containing confidential information such as intellectual property, customer information, and financial details are not obtained by unauthorized parties. In wake of a growing number of cybersecurity incidents, Kryptera is developing a solution to the problem of data theft or leakage.

Mirage: Kryptera’s Rapid Encryption Server
Kryptera is developing a high-performance encryption server titled Mirage, which is designed to encrypt files in a secure way and at a rapid speed. Kryptera’s Mirage adds an additional layer of security to your files so that if a data breach does occur the stolen files cannot be utilized when copied or removed from your network. This extra security measure provides assurance that even if your data network is infiltrated, the external source can’t access the information in your files. Mirage has a customized encryption and decryption process so IT managers can tailor it to their needs such as backing up to a cloud. Mirage can also be scripted, to automate backup to the public or private cloud.

Mirage Benefits

Project Setup
In their CENGN project, Kryptera will be testing the performance characteristics of Mirage while under heavy data processing conditions. The goal is to benchmark the amount of traffic Mirage can process without compromising performance quality. To begin testing, Mirage will need to be installed on a bare metal server within the CENGN infrastructure. Three virtual machines (VMs) will simulate client traffic on a separate bare metal server. A simulated client will be sending files ranging from 150 MB to 300 GB to Mirage where it will then be either encrypted or decrypted depending on the request of the client. Mirage will then move the resulting files into an encrypted or decrypted directory for client pickup. The client will then pick up the files and, if desired, erase them from Mirage after retrieval. Throughout the project, metrics will be taken on the encryption and decryption speeds of Mirage.

Completing a project at CENGN gives Kryptera the opportunity to test Mirage in a high-performance networking environment that will be similar to what Kryptera will deploy in for a real-customer situation. Obtaining a benchmark and set of statistics on the performance capabilities of their project will give Kryptera, as well as their prospective customers, insights on the encryption and decryption processes of their solution. We look forward to supporting Kryptera over the next few weeks as they deploy Mirage on the CENGN Testbed and aim to accelerate their time to market through our infrastructure, technical, and business services.

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Visit the Kryptera website to learn more about their company and encryption server, Mirage.


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