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Kicking off the Holiday Season with the CENGN Thanksgiving Cook-off

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What is Containerization? A Quick Tutorial and History

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Transforming the Mobile Ecosystem with Open RAN

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Why 5G is Safe: 5 Facts that Debunk 5G Conspiracy Theories

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Pascal Menezes – The Next Keynote Speaker for CENGN Summit 2020

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Welcoming CENGN’s Fall Student Cohort

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A Heartfelt Goodbye to 4 of Our Founding Board Members

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Timeline from 1G to 5G: A Brief History on Cell Phones

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5G Towers in Canada: Is there a Health Concern?

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Farewell Summer 2020 Students

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CENGN Joins as Member of the Innovation Economy Council (IEC)

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CENGN Announces Rural Ontario Broadband Project in the Township of Dawn-Euphemia

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